The School Weekly - 19th January 2015

Bali did not experience very cold temperatures for the first two days of the week. But on Wednesday it faced fog, which continued till Friday. The chill in the atmosphere lowered temperatures further. Cold, chilly winds blew from the North East sending Balites into their homes.
School weather figures:  Maximum  23°C
                                        Minimum  10°C
                                        Humidity   24%
                                        Winds: N-NE
Friday, 16th January: In order to apply for Green School certificate, under Eco Club Class XI (Commerce) dug pits and planted Dalbergia Sissoo (Sheesham), Plumeria (Champa), Syzygium Cumini (Jamun), Hibiscus (China Rose), Delonix Regia (Gulmohar) trees on the right wing of the school, beyond the Monsoon Art School. Thank You students for this great job!
Saturday, 17th January: An Inter House Western Dance Competition (Class III-VI). All Houses performed to their best with more girl participants. Judges of the competition were Mr. Byju Joseph and Mr. Surendra Singh. Marks were awarded on presentation, confidence, costume and synchronization.
I           Mother Teresa House
II          Mahatma Gandhi House
III         Sir. C. V Raman House

Woman Rise In The World
In the past women were treated as slaves. They were kept within the four walls of the house. Even they had no rights. No one felt happy at home on the birth of the female child. A girl even today is regarded as a burden on her parents and family.  She had to obey her husband. Even educated and modern husbands wanted them to be kept within the four walls. Now the women's position is free world has risen. The Constitution of free world gives them equal rights in all fields of life. Today in the political field women are successful as men. In the medical field also women have proved their ability. There are many women who are physicians, medical experts etc. In the field of education women are  now on the top.
If we look at the other side of women's position in the new world, they have higher opportunities. In homes and outside homes their exploitation is continuing, society needs to change its attitudes towards women. Today women can take up any career she likes. In families they are allowed to study the subjects of their choice. Choosing a good career makes a girl self dependent. Women are considered to be a burden on the world but it's difficult to imagine a world without women.
Pooja Solanki/X
Monday, 12th January: March Past and PT Display practices started for Republic Day. Students practice.
Monday, 12th January: Due to practices of the parade, DEAR program was not carried out on Monday. On the occasion of National Youth Day a special assembly was held where Mr. Byju Joseph and Mr. Dinesh Bharti spoke a few words about Swami Vivekananda and his teachings. Mr. Byju Joseph also announced that the week will be celebrated as Road Safety Week.

Tuesday, 13th January: On the occasion of Road Safety Week Harshita Dalawat/X gave a speech on the importance of road safety and also recited a poem. Krishna Choudhary/X also gave a speech on the raging road accidents in the country. She taught how to walk on the left; look to the right first and then to the left while crossing road. She also beseeched youngsters from not riding motor cycles till they turn 18.

Thursday, 15th January: ASL (Assessment of speaking and listening skills) was conducted in for Classes IX, X and XI.
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