The School Weekly - 26th January 2015

This week Bali experienced erratic weather. For the first two days of the week Bali did not experience cold temperatures, the sky was clear with bright sunshine. But on Wednesday Nimbus cloud cover dominated the sky, brining cold weather with piercing chilly winds. Heavy showers on Wednesday night turned the tables to a very chilly weather. Students pin down the blame to our own very created global warming! It was no wonder to see thick fog cover on Thursday that continued till Friday. On Saturday, though the sky was clear, but the chill in the air due to North Easterlies, lowered temperatures further.
Weather figures at school campus:  Maximum  23°C
                                                         Minimum  9°C
                                                         Humidity   28%
                                                         Winds: N- NE, Gust 9/13 km/hr
Monday, 19th January: In continuation of their Green School certification, Eco Club members of Class XI (Commerce) dug pits and planted trees on the left wing of the school, beyond the Football Ground, next to the second gate. Students also watered plants, that they had planted last week. Thank you Class XI!
A poem is an imagination
Where we get our destination
It gives us the way of life
It shows us the path of life

It is written by heart
And give us the structure of art
A poem is a fantasy
And is very easy

A poem is of good things
Not false but true things
A poem is written by ability
Not capacity but mentality
Suryaveer Singh/VIII A

Save Earth By Planting Trees
All plants and trees are nature's gifts. We get so many things from plants. Each and every part of plant is used by us for various purposes and we know that there would be no life possible on the Earth without trees. Trees form the food-chain. All vegetarian eat plants. Non-vegetarian eat animals as food but again these animal survive by eating plants. So, directly or indirectly all of us depend on trees for food. Most of our clothes paper, rubber and medicines come from different trees. Trees clean the air that we pollute by making oxygen. They help in causing rainfall and by that they prevent us from droughts. Roots of plants hold the soil together and prevent flood. Trees give us shade provide shelters to birds and so many other animals. Nature has given us so many things through trees. So we should also protect trees. To protect trees we should aware the people of the importance of trees that how much trees are important in our life. So protect trees. Plant more and more trees.
Kritika Mansion/IX A

खूब मजा आया
इस सर्दी के मौसम  में,
माँ ने बनाया गाजर का हलवा,
डाला उसमे जी भरकर मावा,
मुँह  जला फिर भी खाया,
खुशबू फैली गली-गली
पड़ोसियों को बिलकुल न भाया,
मौसम भी खूब ठंडाया,
बाजार तो लगा गरमाया,
तिल, रेवड़ी और इमरती
पालक, धनिया और मैथी,
गाजर, मूली और करेला,
भरा हुआ था मालिन का ठेला
सब्जी रोज बनाए कौन सी,
माँ को लगता है झमेला,
कभी ढोकले, कभी सोगरे
कभी बनी हल्दी की सब्जी
सक्रांति आयी, पतंगे उड़ाई
थोड़ी ढील दे-दे मेरे भाई
माँ बोली समेटो रजाई,
देखो -देखो वो गर्मी आई।
Bhagyashree Mewara/VIII A
Monday, 19th January: March past and PT Display practices took place as usual. Students continued to show improvement during practices, marching to the rhythm of the drums!

Tuesday, 20th January: 8 girls from Class X and XI were chosen for the Patriotic Dance for Republic Day. They will represent the school in High School, Bali. Besides this School was busy in their revision.

Friday, 23rd January: Arif Samma one of the founder teachers of the School visited the school/ He went around the school and found it extraordinarily beautiful and green. He is presently working at as SST teacher at St. Edwards School, Shimla. He is looking for opportunities to return to Bali to settle down.
Saturday, 24th January: On the occasion of Vasant Panchmi Saraswati Vandana was sung by the choir group in the Assembly, to worship Goddess Saraswati the goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge; prior to that in the weak students and teachers flew kites in the campus.

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