The School Weekly - 12th January 2015

Strangely January has come as a pleasant surprise weatherwise because it is cool in Bali rather than being cold. Days are warmer compared to December, with bright sunshine that almost hurts to sit in the open. Stratus clouds are often seen covering the early morning sky and then flit away with the rising sun. School instruments recorded maximum temperature at 220C and minimum temperature at 110C. Humidity was at 22%, while the weather cock points to the North indicating typical NE winds blowing in winter.

Monday, 22nd December: Class VI and VII put up a Nativity Tableau on Christmas celebrations. The school saw Christmas Father too jingle-a-ling while students sat watching the play. He hugged and shook hands to wish all a Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, 23rd December: Parent’s Teacher Meeting was organized. Class Nursery to Class V, it was II term Examination result day! While Class VI to XII parents were given written report on the performance of their ward for the Sharad Ritu Term. About 50% of parents attended the meeting.

Butterfly is a fly.
Butterfly in the sky.
It is so beautiful,
With feathers colourful.
It is very nice,
But small in size.
From one plant to other,
Butterfly goes on further.
Priyank Rathod/IX A

Good Manners
Good manners are the qualities of a person. It makes a person good and perfect. Good manners are necessary to win the hearts of others. No one likes a person without good manners. Good manners show the behavior of a person. Manners are taught in schools and houses. Good manners cannot be borrowed or bought, they are built in us. Without manners a person is like an animal. Good manners are helpful to get success in any field in our life.
Some of the good manners which we have to follow in our daily life are – one should respect one’s elders and love one’s younger. One should always smile and speak softly. One should not break discipline or not talk loudly, one should love everyone and one should be gentle and should not find anyone’s mistakes. Self discipline is a good manner i.e. we are always taught to obey our teachers, parents or any other elders, one should follow rules and regulation. “Please”, “Sorry” and “Thank You” are the three words which if used at correct time and place, can do the wonders which no other things can do. These words are helpful in making the person good mannered.
Aditya Pratap Singh/IX A
Saturday, 10th January: Inter House Badminton Tournament practices began, since it’ll be held on Saturday, 31st January. Mr. Sarvar Khan has started training of the girl participants, so that they can put up a good show.
Monday, 5th January: School reopened after a ten long days’ winter break. All students were happy to return to school. Bright cheerful faces could be seen catching up for the holidays and greeting each other. Class XII students could be seen tensed and serious because of their Pre-Boards that started on 5th January. They were concerned about their examinations and were preparing for the exams. DEAR was carried out.

Junior School and Primary section got the benefit of yet another day holiday since the Collector had announced their holiday till the 5th January.

Jackson Wagner’s parents, Ms. Hyla Wagner and Mr. Ben Wagner visited the school with Jackson’s brother and sister. They went around the school escorted by Jackson. They were happy to hear that Jackson has helped the school by teaching Physics to Class XII. Thank you Wagners for buying a photograph out of our Photography Club!

Tuesday, 6th January: With the Collector’s orders school timings changed to 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M for winter.

Thank you Dr. Babli Saraf, our Board Member for donating School’s first Inter House trophy for SERVICE! Dr Saraf would like to donate it in the memory of her father Dr. Manotosh Moitra to the service he is rendered to the community as a doctor.
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