The School Weekly - 25th May 2015

The heat of the scorching summer sun has made it difficult to go out. During the week the sky was covered with clouds which has raised humidity to 32%. Highest temperature was recorded at 45°C and lowest was at 29°C. Wind was at 18 km/hr.
The Fabindia School started summer training for teacher’s on 11th May 15 with English proficiency and information technology classes. In English proficiency classes Mr Mithilesh Patro is training teachers with telephonic teaching, interactive classroom teaching by correct pronunciations and breaking spelling. He is trying to modify speech habits by tongue twisters, English songs and group activities. In information technology classes Mr. Sandeep Singh teaches various steps to improve teaching efficiency with technology in classroom. Now a days it is one of the most preferred method of learning. I think through this English proficiency and information technology classes teachers feel more confident in their classes and can make their teaching more effective.
Kusum Sharma
Pre-Primary Coordinator

We all know that English and IT is very essential for everyone. We mostly use it but we don't know how to properly use it. Thanks to the Principal Ma'am and Chairman Sir that they organized this training for us. I have learnt many new words, pronunciation, framing questions, correct use of sentences, new technical terms in Google Drive like how to create and upload a file and folder. I raised my level of confidence and conversation skill in a group.
Urmila Rathod
Mother Teacher Class II

This year through our English and IT Training I have gained lot of confidence.  I have learnt pronunciation of words and also learnt how one can improve English through songs, tongue twisters and grammar. In IT I have learnt to use Google Drive so I can share my work with my colleagues and improve my lessons using the new technology.  I want to thank Principal Ma'am for giving us the opportunity to improve ourselves.
Prerna Rathod
Junior Coordinator

English Training has helped me to add on in my knowledge. I have learnt a lot in phonetics which will be a help in my English teaching in Classes. I am happy that through this English training my colleagues will also improve and we all together as a team will be able to raise the quality of teaching in the school. IT teaching is very essential for us. I am not good at Computers, but this IT training will help me to work on Google Drive and will be able to improve my lessons using the new technology. I want to thank Principal Ma’am and all those behind the curtain for giving us this opportunity to become more efficient.
Bharti Rao
Senior Coordinator

दिनांक 11 मई से विद्यालय के शिक्षको के लिए मिथिलेश पात्रो  के निर्देशन में अंग्रेज़ी भाषा दक्षता पर एक प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम आयोजित किया जा रहा है। इस कार्यक्रम में शिक्षकगण बड़े  उत्साह से भाग ले रहे है।  इस प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम में शिक्षकगण  अंग्रेज़ी भाषा के शुद्ध उच्चारण,दैनिक जीवन में उपयोगी शब्दों द्वारा अंग्रेज़ी में वार्तालाप करना सीख रहे है। साथ ही अंग्रेजी की नवीन शब्दावली से परिचित होकर अपना शब्दकोष बढ़ा रहे है। विभिन्न अंग्रेजी गीतों द्वारा शब्दों का सही उच्चारण करना सीख  रहे है।इसके साथ -साथ छोटे वाक्यो द्वारा अंग्रेजी व्याकरण में कुशलता अर्जित करने का प्रयास कर रहे है।   वहीं प्रात:काल होने वाले सर्कल-टाइम में शिक्षकगण सभी के साथ अपने अनुभव बाँटते  है। इस प्रकार के दक्षता कार्यक्रम से शिक्षक प्रोत्साहित हो रहे है तथा सभी के समक्ष अपने विचार सरलता तथा सहजता से प्रस्तुत कर रहे है। जिस प्रकार सभी  शिक्षक अंग्रेजी भाषा में वार्तालाप करने हेतु प्रोत्साहित हो रहे है निश्चित ही आने वाले समय में फैबइंडिया में अंग्रेज़ी -युक्त वातावरण तैयार होगा।
Kishangopal Dave
Dinesh Bharti

This was the second week for the English Proficiency Classes. Mr. Patro is doing his best to improve the pronunciation of the teachers and to help them converse in English comfortably. For that he arranged an Skype Conversation with his sister Eenakshi and her family who stays in Vancouver in Canada. All the teachers were divided into five groups who would converse with Eenakshi one by one. This exercise was done to help the teachers to converse and open and come out of their shell.On the first day he gave three keywords CONFIDENCE, VERSATILITY and AUTHORITY. He mentioned the importance of English Language. Why should we use it. The class was divided into five groups with a group leader. Teachers were asked to jot down their expectations from the workshop. In the five days workshop a lot of phonetic drill took place, to help teachers articulate correctly and clearly. One can see some changes in teachers already. Their diction is clearer. Most of the Hindi Language teachers have also started conversing in English by using simple words and sentences. Teachers are enjoying the workshop as it has been made more musical by singing songs. Singing songs is not only helps in pronouncing words but it is also helps to learn English easily. It has also taught teachers how they can make their class more interesting and musical.

Wednesday, 20th May: After the circle time Group One went for the Skype conversation. The teachers of the group were Mr. Byju Joseph, Ms. Kavita Deora, Ms. Usha Pawar, Ms. Priyanka Mahatma and Mr. Amit Bhatnagar.

Byju : Hello Ma’am!
Eenakshi  : Hello
B : I am Byju Joseph. I teach Science here and I am the Academic Dean. Basically I am from Kerala I have two children a boy and a girl. My wife is a nurse.
E : OK! Have many Keralites as friends. Idli and Dosa are very famous in Kerala. I tried to make them but I could not make them properly.
B : Please tell about your family.
E : My husband is working in ICBC as an insurance person. I have two children. Both are boys, one is of 16 years and the others is of 14 years.
B : OK Thank you Ma’am.
Kavita : Hello Ma’am, how are you ?
Eenakshi : I am fine tank you. How are you?
E : What do you teach ?
K : I am mother teacher of class I. I teach English and E.V.S.
E : What is E.V.S. ?
K : E.V.S. is Environmental studies.
E : Tell us something about you .
K : I am basically from Bangalore. This is my mother-in-law’s place. I have two children. Both are boys.
E : Oh Wow! That is a nice place. I had been to Bangalore. My husband’s niece stays there. She works in Britania Company. She told me that she stayed on Brigade Road. 100 Feet Road and been to Defence Colony.

Amit Bhatnagar
Summary of light Conversation on Skype with Ma’am Enakshi
Amit : Hello Ma’am, how are you ?
Eenakshi : I am fine thank you
A : How is climate of Canada ?
E : It is very hot but not so hot comparison to Rajasthan.
A : Why do you  left India ?
E : I left India  because I found new job opportunity as a ECE teacher in Canada. I have worked in Oman. Country school run by Sultan of Oman where by I am transferred to Canada.
A : What’s so special about Canada.
E : Canada is a very beautiful country here a mix of community people. They are Chinese, Indian, Pakistan etc.
E : What do you teach ?
A ; I am a Computer teacher and teaching Classes from VIII to XII .
E : What Computer language do you know?
A : The Computer language that I know are C, C++, Java, Aspionet, C# etc.

Usha Panwar
Usha : I am Usha. I am an Art and Craft teacher.
Eenakshi : That’s a nice subject. Which class do you teach?
U : I teach from Class I to X
E: What do you teach in Art and Craft.  What have you made?
U : Paper folding, Paper maching, Wood carving, soft stone carving, clay modeling.
E : Oh that’s lovely.
U : I showed stone carving made by students. DT and learnt shape. Colorful pot was shown, flower vase, flower made of papers.

Priyanka Mahatma
PMA: Hello Eenakshi, I am Priyanka. How are you?
E: Hi Priyanka, I am fine. How are you?
PMA: I am also good.
E: So tell me Priyanka what do you teach?
PMA: I am PGT Economics of Class XI –XII.
E: Oh Good! So you teach about money and all.That is great. So what is your qualification.
PMA: Professionally, I am management people, and have done BBA & PGDM in HR+ marketing.
E: Why didn’t you join the corperate side?
PMA: I am a girl child so my parents didn’t sent me.
E: That was the same problem that I faced when I was shifting to Canada even my parents were not ready but later they agreed.
PMA: Do you like to visit church frequently?
E: Not frequently but every Sunday I visit it.
PMA: I also like church. I also wish to see one. Nice to talk with you.

Group 2
Ayesha Tak, Dinesh Bharti, Prena Rathord, Punita Chouhan, Urmila Rathore. Started first introduction from Eenakshi. Then each one of us introduced ourselves. After that following conversation took place.
PRD : How is the weather in Canada?
E : The weather is fine. The temperature is 21°C
PRD : Here the temperature is 45°C. It is very hot and difficult to come out during day time.
E : What do you teach ABCD in Nursery Class?
ATK : By showing picture and chart and saying it aloud. The students lepeat  It.
E : What is your husband  doing ?
ATK : He works in a shop.
DBI : How can we apply for Canada  visa ?
E : You can apply for visit visa.
DBI : Any other way to get visa ?
E : It depends on education and reason for which  they have vancancy.
PCN : What is your favourite  subject ?
E : My favourite subject is English .
PCN : How many kids  do you  have ?
E : I have two sons – Ray and Ralph. Then we spoke to her sons Ray’s favourite  sport is ftball. He likes his visit to India. They both spoke nicely.
Then we all sang the song “ I have a dream”. She said you have learnt the song and sang nicely.
PRD: Did the song remind you of your childhood days?
E: Yes it is my favourite song.
OK, Bye, nice talking to you.
DBI: Good Night.
All said goodbye and the conversation ended.

Thursday, 21st May: Yesterday Group one and two had their conversation, while today Group three and four had their Skype talk.
The teachers in Group three were Mr. Ajay Vijayvargi, Ms. Kusum Sharma, Mr. Surendra Singh, Ms. Rajeshwari Rathore, Mr. Kanik Goyal, Ms. Anuradha Rajpurohit and Ms. Bharti Sharma.

Group three had a conversation with Eenakshi from Vancouer Canada. She gave information about the Canadian Dollar, the religion there and their official language. She asked the teachers a few questions about their family, and their educational qualifications. The teachers asked her about the position of Education in Canada, what % of Indian people lived in Canada, what kind of food do they like to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also asked about the life of the people in Canada and the temperature down there. In return to their questions they received these answers:

  • Admission for Indian students is difficult as they do not recognize Indian degrees. Students have to clear Entrance Exam. Studies are costly as Non-Canadian students are supposed to pay four times the fees.
  • Indian recipies like pickles, peppers, spices etc., are available at Surray.
  • Temperature in Canada was 21°C and it was very hot for them.
  • Eenakshi had visited India last December to attend her relative’s marriage.
  • She visited India once in five years as to and fro plane fares are very high.
  • The people in Canada were mostly Hindus and their Official language was English,
  • Hindi and French. .

Group four also had a conversation with Eenakshi. The teachers in the group were Ms. Sharmila Vijaywargi, Ms. Raj Ranawat, Ms. Bharti Rao, Mr. Krishan Gopal Dave, Mr. Tarun Mishra, Mr. Prakash Dangi and Mr. Usman Gani. First of all Sharmila asked about her daughter’s subject selection. Eenakshi replied that if she would like to come to Canada, then she would have to study Canada law. She asked where she was from? Sharmila replied that she was from Ajmer and her in- laws were from Indore. Sharmila said that she had done her schooling from Demonstration School and college from Sophia. Eenakshi also replied that she also did her graduation from Sophia College ,Ajmer.
Usman introduced himself. Eenakshi asked him about his qualifications. Usman replied that he had done MCSE and CCNA. Then she invited him to come to Canada. On which Usman replied that if he gets a chance he will surely come. So Eenakshi said, “ Lets hope for the best”.
After K.G.Dave introduced himself Eenakshi asked him from how many years he was teaching in the school. Mr. Dave answered that he was teaching in the school for last eight years and he had a teaching experience of thirteen years. Eenakshi asked him to speak in Hindi, but he conversed in English only. She asked him which classes did he teach? To which he said that he taught Classes IX to XII. Eenakshi asked if Sanskrit was taught in the school. Mr. Dave replied that Sanskrit was taught as a third language in the School to Class VI-VIII.
Prakash Dangi had a conversation with Eenakshi. She asked him about his qualification and her husband asked him about instruments. He replied that he was M.A. in Indian Classical Music and told about his instrumental music.
Tarun Mishra’s Conversation:
TM: How are you?
EX: I am fine . Where are you from?
TM: I am from Indore.
E: What have you done?
TM: I have completed my M PEd. From DAVV University, Indore
Bharti Rao’s Conversation:
BR: Hello! Eenakshi. I am Bharti. How are you?
EX: I am fine. Where have you done your schooling from?
BR: I have done my schooling from Sophia High School, Mount Abu.
EX: I was teaching there in 1988. When did you pass out?
BR: I passed out in 1986.
EX: Do you know Ms. Agarwal and Ms. Santosh Sharma? Were they there when you were studying? Tell me about them if you know them.
BR: Yes both of them taught me. They were my neighbours. Nowadays Ms. Agarwal is in Dehradun . Her daughters have got married and are in New Delhi & Gurgoan. Ms. Santosh is in Mount Abu. She has retired , her daughter is in New Jersey and son is in Mumbai.
EX: Who was your Principal then?
BR: My Principal at that time was Sister Jovita. Who was your Principal?
EX: At that time Sister Fleurette was the Principal then. Do you know her?
BR: Yes I know her. Where is she now?
EX: She is in Kota.
BR: Thank You Ma’am. It was wonderful talking to you.
Raj Ranawat’s Conversation:
RR: Hi Eenakshi. I am Raj
EX: Hi!
RR: How are you?
EX : Fine and you are.
RR: I am also fine.
EX: What do you teach in school?.
RR: I teach Chemistry.
EX: Which grade?
RR: XI and XII standard.
EX: How long have you been in this school?
RR: Almost 2 years.
EX: Girls and boys both are in class.
RR: Yes.
EX: What have you done?.
RR: I have done M.SC. in 2004.
EX: From which University?.
RR: M.L.S.U. Udaipur.
EX: Are you B.ED?.
RR: Yes! I have done B.ED. in 2008 from Udaipur.
Then the group had a conversation with Eenakshi’s son Ray.
All: Hello! What is your name?
Ray: I am Ray. Hello all of you.
TM: Do you like to play?
Ray: Yes I like to play Soccer
TM: In which place do you play in the game?
Ray: I just play, not on any definite position.
Raj: Which part of Chemistry do you like most?
Ray: I like stichiometry.
Raj: What is stichiometry?
Ray: It means balance equation
Raj: Can you balance N2+H2= NH3
Ray did not answer, he just laughed. The group bid him and his mother Goodbye and goodnight.
Group Five has yet to have a Skype talk. May be next week.

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