The School Weekly - 4th May 2015

Bali is experiencing hot, bright and sunny weather. Even the mornings and evenings are very hot. Temperature during the evenings and mornings is at 36°C. Every week temperature is shooting up by 2°C. Highest temperature recorded was 44°C and lowest at 29°C. Humidity was at 11% and the wind blew at 10 km/hr.
Thursday, 30th April: It was planned to celebrate the birthdays of the students of Class nursery to V on the last day of each month. So the birthday of all the students that fell in the month of April was celebrated on 30th April in the Junior Campus. The birthday students cut the cake, danced and distributed chocolates. All the students enjoyed the day.

Saturday, 2nd May: Junior Inter House Western Dance (group) Competition was organized on Saturday for the students of Class III to VI. Just in two days practice the students put up a fabulous show. The show was meticulously put up. There were 6-8 performers from each House. Ms. Swati Sood (HR & PA), Ms. Priyanka Mahatma (Economics Teacher) and Ms. Kusum Sharma (Junior Coordinator) were the judges for the Competition. Aryan Singh/VI/DH anchored the show.

I          Teresa House
II         Gandhi House
III        Dyanchand House
After the Competition the school attended Western Vocal Music Classes, Stitching Classes, Computer, Sports and Art & Craft Classes.

People think
People think that
I’m a bird.
But I always feel,
are they absurd?
People think that
I’m a bird.
But I always feel
why they are so absurd?
Yes, I can be a bird,
that fly in the sky
and this difference is because I never feel shy.
Why people tell me to feel shy?
Do they not want me to try?
I am fed up of their thoughts.
And want to give my ideas a shot.
I want to make use of all that I was taught.
And want to enjoy like a bird a lot.
So never be scared of absurd thoughts.
Try, try and try
let the useless people
cry, cry and cry.
Suryaveer Singh/IX A/DH

प्यारा तारा
मुझे लगता है प्यारा तारा,
इनको देखता है संसार सारा
है नहीं ये न्यारा,
मुझको लगता है सबसे प्यारा
सोता है ये आसमान की गोद में,
खिलता है चंदमा की रोशनी में
देखकर तारों की चमक,
फीका पङ जाता है कनक
Mimansha Chouhan/VB/BH
Monday, 27th April: DEAR was conducted in all the classes. It is catching pace slowly after a break of one month.

Tuesday, 28th April: Regular classes were held. A separate music room was setup in the Junior School Campus. Music classes were taken by the new teacher Mr. Prakash Dangi. Students were taught about musical instruments like Congo, Casio, Tablas, Harmonium and Dholak.  School welcomes Mr. Dangi to the school community and hope he has a rewarding time.

Wednesday, 29th April: As it was World Dance Day  a special  Assembly was organized. Khushi Rao/X/GH, Krithika Mansion/X/GH, Shivraj Chouhan/X/DH spoke on different dance forms such as Classical  Western Dance etc. on this occasion.

Inter House Anuchhed Lekhan Competition Results:

Group 'A' Class VI-VIII 

I      Aman Singh/VII/RH 
II     Krisha Dave/VII/GH 
III   Diksha Choudhary/VII/GH 

Group B: Class IX-XII 

I       Pradeep Singh/XB/GH 
II     Sanjeev Chaturvedi/IX/DH 
III   Chandu Gaur/XII/RH

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