The School Weekly - 5th October 2015

Bali experienced warm and pleasant weather. Mornings have a nip in the air. Use of A.C. and coolers has stopped during the nights. Fans are being used during daytime, when it turns a bit warm. Highest temperature recorded was at 37°C and lowest was at 23°C. Temperature fell by 4°C while humidity fell to 48%. Wind blew 14 km/hr SE.
Why that figured man had gone,
The terrific talent he had shown,
For the country's freedom did his best,
and the tricks he had used on,
Even the professionals considered him a role model,
With whom that fighting spirit was
Enthusiastic and doddle,
Which was not available in all,
For what all calls him " BAPU" of sharp noodle,
For where that living ran out,
For whom our belonging spirit shout,
"That he was our national leader",
Who at last faced that dying bout,

Today also, he is each heart for guidance,
And for the steps one take towards future and hence,
Every being should be motivated by him,
For protecting our nation while working as a lance.
Nikhil Soni/XB/TH

एक आशा ''बापू''
सूरज की किरणों ने जैसे बदला अपना रास्ता था ।
हुआ उदय अहिंसावादी का जो दो अक्टूबर को जन्मा था ॥
बदल दिया था दुनिया को उसने ,
रंग गया था अपने रंग में ,
उसने ये ही ठाना था ,
भारत को अखण्ड बनाना था ।
दांडी मार्च , सत्याग्रह , आंदोलन और
अनशन को भी आजमाया था ।
आखिर योगदान उनका आया काम
मिल ही गया आज़ादी का सुख
जब भारत को सत्ता सौंपा जाना था ।
जश्न  मना भारत और
नए युग का लिखा जाना था
मगर साथ था इस सुख का तब तक
जब बापू का पंच तत्व में विलीन हो जाना था ।
आज बापू नहीं विचार है उनके
जिसे हमें अपनाना हैं ।
फिर से करना है इस सृष्टि का निर्माण
हिंसा को रुकवाना हैं ।
Bhanu Pratap Singh/XB/GH

1. I am always hungry
    I must always be fed
    The finger I lick will soon turn red.
2. All about, but cannot be seen
    Cannot be captured, cannot be held
    No throat, but can be heard
3. If a man carried my burden
    He would break his back
    I am not rich
    But leave silver in my track.
4. Until I am measured
     I am not known,
     Yet you miss me
     When I have flown
5.  Bright as diamond
     Loved as thunder
     Never still, a thing to wonder.
Anumesh Rao/VII/GH
Monday, 28th September: Summative Assessment for Classes III to XII started on 19th and concluded on 30th of September. It was the happiest day for the students, as it was the last day of the examinations. After the exams when they came out, it was a mixed feeling moment for them, happy as the exams had got over and nervous for the commencing results.
Assembly was conducted by Dhyanchand House.

Blessy Maria/XI/DH spoke thought of APJ Abdul Kalam Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great.

Tuesday, 29th September: ASL (Assessment of Speaking and Listening) was conducted for Class IX to XI by their English teachers. Chemistry Practical was conducted for Class XI-XII by their respective teacher.

Wednesday, 30th September: Physics and Biology Practical were conducted for Class XI and XII. Rest all had regular lessons.
Thursday, 1st October: Assembly was conducted by Dhyanchand House.

Kinjal Rao/VIII B/DH spoke thought for the day: ' God speaks in silence of our heart. So, listening is the beginning of a prayer'.

Kirti Malviya/IX/DH spoke some of the facts.

1. A cow gives nearly 200,000 glasses of milk in her life time.
2. Every drop of seawater contains approximately 1 billion gold atoms.
3. Like finger prints every one's tongue print is different.
4. Once every 30 seconds the earth shakes somewhere in the world.
5. The biggest humming bird is only 8 inches long.

C++ Practical was conducted for students of Class XI.

Saturday, 3rd October: PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting) was organized for Nursery to XII. About 50% parents attended the meeting. Majority of them were satisfied with their ward’s performance.

The new Water Hut has become operational. The RO Plant and water coolers were connected. Students have access to quality drinking water.
New Water Hut

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