The School Weekly - 29th August 2016

Mera Bali
Sumerpur is a town in the south part of Pali District 25 km from Bali. The town is headquarters of the Sumerpur revenue subdivision, and Sumerpur Tehsil. Sumerpur is an important agricultural mandi for Pali, Sirohi and Jalore districts. Sumerpur is located at the eastern side of the Thar Desert, on the right (north) bank of the Jawai River. The Jawal River is an intermittent that runs during monsoon season, and is tributary to the Luni River. Jawai Dam is situated at about 10 km from the Sumerpur. The Sumerpur Township covers an area of 500 km².
Sumerpur is famous for its Daal Bati and Churma. It is found at most of the occasions whether it be marriage or festival. Sumerpur is one of the biggest markets for mustard seed. Cotton and chilies are exported from Sumerpur. Ghee making is a cottage industry of the town. Other major industries of Sumerpur are iron and wood works. Sumerpur is known in Rajasthan for its ornamental iron works, which produces articles such as iron furniture, gates and railings. Almost all the work is organized in the form of small-scale industries, whereas, automobile retailers sales a lot over the areas near the town.
There are 67 villages in the tehsil under 29 Gram Panchayats. The Gram Panchayats of the tehsil are Arenpura, Bamnera, Bharunda, Palri, Korta, Pomawa, Koliwara, Netara, Bankali, Khiwandi, Novi, Sindroo, Balupura, Dujana, Balana, Sanderao, Gogra, Koselao, Kheemara, Pava, Basant, Dhana, Beerami, Deotara, Lapod, Dhola Jagir, Anoppura, Salodriya and Chanod. Takhatgarh and Sumerpur itself are municipalities in the tehsil. Sumerpur Tehsil has a Panchayat Samiti, as well as being the Sub-district Office with the same name. The Sumerpur legislative assembly constituency is constituted of Sumerpur Tehsil and part of the Pali Tehsil. Present MLA of the Sumerpur is Madan Rathore.
Self Respect
Self respect cannot be hunted, It cannot be purchased, it is for sale, it can never be fabricated out of publications. It comes to us when we due alone in quiet moments in quiet places when we suddenly realize that, knowing God, we have done it, knowing the beautiful things we have severed it, knowing the truth we have spoken it, If a person does not have any self respect they cannot make any decisions for themselves. People pushed into situations they either do or don’t want to do. People will also take advantages of them and eventually that person will end up being unheated. In life a person needs to develop sense of self respect for themselves in order to make decisions for themselves and be able to survive in this world. A proper respect for oneself as human beings, most of the time self respect has a positive effect on a person but in some cases it can have a negative effect on an individual. For instance when a person keeps putting himself down and always thinks he cannot do something he eventually that person will think so low of himself he won’t be able to function in life properly because he will be so depressed all the time. -Lakshyaraj Singh/ IX/ GH
भाई - बहन का प्यार है
रक्षा बंधन का त्योंहार हैं
भाई - बहन का प्यार है
अनूठा प्यार का रिश्ता
खुशियों से भरा फरिश्ता है
भाई - बहन का प्यार है ।
प्यार की रानी ने इस रिश्ते की
तारीफ़ की है ,
दुआओ की रानी ने इस रिश्ते को
दुआ दी है ,
ताकत नहीं कलम में मेरी लिख सकू
इस रिश्ते के बारे में
ग्रंथो के ग्रंथ भर जाए लिखते - लिखते
इस रिश्ते के बारे में
भाई - बहन का प्यार है ।
चाँद की चाँदनी का उजाला है
इस रिश्ते में
गम के बादलों का ना कोई ठिकाना हैं
इस रिश्ते में ,
क्या तारीफ़ करू इस रिश्ते की में
अनूठे सुन्दर बंधन का प्यारा सा
नजराना है इस रिश्ते में ,
भाई - बहन का प्यार है ।
-Suryaveer Singh/ X/ DH
I Love my Father
You helped me whenever I got in trouble
You gave me everything necessary for life
You taught me to be disciplined
You gave all the facilities
Whenever Mom beat me you saved me
When I cry
You also cry
You are great
You are the love of my life
You are my dear father
I Love You
Vratik Soni/ VIII/ TH
Friday, 26th August: Students practiced for U17 Football tournament. Students will go to Rani to participate in the U17 Football Tournament.
Saturday, 27th August: School’s Girls Football Team escorted by Mr. Tarun Mishra and Ayesha Tak went to Rani to participate in the School Level U17 Football Tournament which was organised by Heritage Girls School, Udaipur. Seven schools participated in the tournament. First match was played against MLPS, Udaipur and school team lost by 2-0. They played second match against Central Public School, Udaipur and won by 4-0. Now they were qualified to play quarter final where they played against Central Public School, Udaipur and won by 2-0. They qualified themselves for Semi-Finals and will play against Heritage Girls School.
Friday, 26th August: Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL) was conducted for Class IX students. They gave a topic presentation of their own choice, on which questions was asked by the teacher. Then problem-solving task was given in pairs to the students. They discussed with their partner and gave suggestions to resolve it. For Listening Assessment a recording was played. Students listened to it and answered their question paper.
Saturday, 27th August: ASL was conducted for Class X students. Teachers were busy in finishing their syllabus and taking revision for the commencing SA I in September.

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