The School Weekly - 19th March 2018

Normally teachers go in the classroom and teach. They ask the students some questions and expect particular answers. They listen to what they want to hear, but there is always some unheard part which all teachers do not hear. It is an educator whose can understand when certain child is having some problem. They look at a child and can  find out if the child is behaving in a normal way or not. There may be various reasons for this either the child is having some problem related to family or peer pressure or may be he/she is not interested in the topic taught or may be is not able to understand the topic taught.
An educator must find out the reason by communicating with the child and find solutions to solve his/her problem. This will help to build a better communication and also the child will be motivated to speak up and share his/her problems with the educator. Students  must be motivated to face all problems bravely and also try to find solutions on their own. This will help them to face the outside world in a better way. An educator must also develop this habit of listening to the inner voice in the students. If this happens then the students will be successful in their life. Thus one must listen to what the students has to say and also listen to the voice of heart and mind and we can become good human beings. This can be brought only by communicating with the students. -Prerna Rathod/ Educator
(ED: Editor, PV: Parikshit Vyas)

ED: What was your batch year
PV: My batch year was 2011-12 
ED: Who were your favourite teachers?
PV: My favourite teachers were Paineeta Ma'am, C. P. Sir and Bharti Ma'am
ED: Who were your batch mates?
PV: My batch mates were Darshan Vaishnav, Vinay Rawal, Ravindrapal Singh, Yagyapal Singh.
ED: Did you participate in any tournaments or activities?
PV: I have participated in 3 State and 3 District Cricket Matches.
ED: What is your present qualification?
PV: I have done my B.Com and pursuing M.Com.
ED: What are the memories of your school? 
PV: School helped me in my foundation, I still remember those days when I was in school.The day which I can never forget is when I became the Head boy of the School
ED: Will you like to give any message to your juniors, school, or friends etc.?
PV:  Yes, I would urge juniors to focus on their studies as well as other activities and not to take studies lightly, work hard and achieve success. I would like to quote for my Juniors, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" 

Saturday, 17th March: Oxford University Press conducted a workshop for educators which was organised by the School. Resource person for the workshop was Mrs.Ritu Kumar and Mr. Sourabh Choudhary. Teachers were encouraged to improve their teaching, skills,
gain more confidence and work in a free atmosphere. A number of activities were conducted. Pre- Primary and Primary Educators were encouraged to give a free atmosphere to the students. The educators were encouraged to develop and work on the five areas of development which are necessary for Pre-School
For the better world in our hands            
The meaning of the title is that we are the future of the world and the future of the world is in our hands. We, the new generation children, young people and all those people who have sense about the future of the world are the future because we know that what is better and good for our world.
 We can make our world better by many ways as by not polluting it, by erase all the discrimination among black and white, among men and women, by improving social, economic, political and cultural condition among the societies.
I want to present lyrics of a song
Climb the streets
 And I found my way over
You know I am been so lost in translation
Meaning of these lyrics is that for the efforts which a person puts towards the world, if the person has to climb the streets and to find the way for the efforts he can do this. A person loses his translation because for the better world if a person is moving forward he has to put his feelings aside. When anyone works for a peace or any other aspect of social change, there are often hardships to overcome. For the development of the world a person should have to ignore all these problems. To succeed, a person must be willing to preserve his/her efforts towards the world. The problems which come during this time are called Global problems and it need global solutions also for this, the country require a citizen who identify and give their loyalty to humanity to the country. For the better world we only need these kind of persons.
I would like to share some quotes: " It is your hands to create a better World for all who live in it. Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye." 
I think this is an area where young people can make an important contribution. It is not necessary that a person who is working in army, navy can only contribute their efforts. It can also be a citizen of a country who really by heart wants to make a better world.
- Diksha Choudhary/ X/ GH
Monday, 12th March: Final Examination for Classes Nursery to VIII  began from Monday, 5th March. School is going through very serious times of exam. Students hardly run around and play. School gets over at 12:00 PM.The teachers are busy in correction work . 

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