The School Weekly - 26th March 2018

Every person is unique and special in this world. You must know, identify and understand what you are. You should not try to copy others or try to be like them. You have to focus on being yourself. Be yourself means be true to your core identity. It does not include incidental or temporary characteristics but elements of your identity. The speciality and uniqueness what you have, is yours only. Nobody can take away from you. If you want to make your personality different, be who you are.  For that we must listen to your heart, know your habits and hobbies, interest, creativity and work on it. You must have confidence in yourself, think positive and believe in yourself, that will give you inner strength. It will help you to be yourself and it will bring charm to your personality. It will give us real satisfaction and happiness.  So we should teach the children how to think in their own way not what to think. We should teach these values to children for their personality development. -Monika Vaishnav/ Educator
(ED: Editor, SP: Swabhi Parmar)
ED: What was your batch year
SP: My batch year was 2013-14. 
ED: Who was your favourite teacher?
SP: My favourite teachers was Paineeta Ma'am.
ED: Who were your batch mates?
SP: My batch mates were Shaily, Shefali, Rozee, Prassan, Manish etc.
ED: Did you participate in any tournaments or activities?
SP: Yes, I participated in all Co-Curricular activities in the School.
ED: What is your present qualification?
SP: I have done B Com. from SPU College, Falna.
ED: What are the memories of your school? 
SP: I remember my School, batch mates and teachers. I miss all of them a lot.
ED: Will you like to give any message to your juniors, school, or friends etc.?
SP: The message I would like to give is that study a lot. Grab each opportunity that you get for you are studying in the best school. 
Saturday, 24th March: A meeting was held in which the admission strategy was discussed and the teachers were told to prepare the yearly plan for their respective classes.
Heal the World 
I can recall some lyrics from the song heal the world.
Heal the world make it a better place 
For you and for me and entire human race
There are people dying if you care enough for the living
Make a little space make a better place
Heal the world.
It's true that we humans can make this world a better place because we are the mastermind of the world.
It's true that god created us but it's totally false to say that we cannot change this word because we have all the rights and means to change this word. But in my opinion we can change the world in favour of other living beings and not just for our greed.
Though it is said that humans are the biggest animals, but we should not forget that we have got a more creative mind then other animals. Today there is so much developed in that technical field that's just because of humans.
I think that if humans can make the things to destroy the world or specific country, then they surely have the power and means to make this world a better place. 
Since every coin has two sides so does humans have two sides.
At last I would like to conclude with saying that if humans have the right and power to destroy then they surely have the power to change this world into a better place.
- Muskan Rathod/ XII Sc./ TH
Tuesday, 20th MarchLeadership-Team Bonding Night Camp was organised for the students of Class V and IV at school. They went for Nature Walk in the forest. Children and teacher enjoyed a lot. They had so many activities there. The students gave their learning of the camp:           
We learnt to live independently.
We learnt how to work ourselves.
We learnt to take care of ourselves.
We loved music and dance in the camp.
We loved balloon activity.
We really and enjoyed the nature walk.
We learnt leadership and team spirit in the camp.
We enjoyed spending the whole day with friends. 
We want more night camps in future.
We learnt to be brave and responsible.
We learnt sharing, caring and helping others.
Thanks to Principal Ma’am, teachers and management for arranging such a wonderful event and a big thanks to William Sir for building this school in a beautiful environment and giving us opportunity to study here and having such a nice night camp.
Tuesday, 20th MarchThat day Final Examination for Class Nursery-V got over. The students looked relieved after ten days. Educators are busy in copy correction.
Thursday, 22nd MarchThat day Final Examination for Class VI- VIII got over.  They were shown answer sheets of the subjects which had already been evaluated. They are having a break for ten days. School will reopen for them on 2nd April. 

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