The School Weekly - 20th January 2020

STUDENT: Kesar Sompura/ VI B was the Student this Week for her respectful and dutiful behaviour. She shared importance of discipline in a student's life as it helps the students to achieve all the impossible things and walk towards their goals. She shared that being disciplined helps to develop a good personality.
She quoted “Punctuality is not just limited to arriving at a place at the right time, it is also about taking actions at the right time.”

EDUCATOR: Mr. Urvish Singh was the Educator this Week. He shared his views on sincerity. He said we should be sincere towards our elders, because they teach and guide us towards the right path. He feels that its a great honour to care for those who have once cared for us. He personally feels that caring for elder aids to self-development. Elderly are the truest form of wisdom. They have experienced life for long and they teach us respect, perseverance and share their wisdom with us. By being with them and caring for them establishes relationships of love and care. We learn patience and tolerance from them. He quoted “Listen to your elders’ advice not because they are always right, but because they have more experience of being wrong.”

Sunday, 12th January:  Ms. Monica Vaishnav & Mr. Urvish Singh with ten students of Class 8th & 9th went to Delhi on 11th January to attend Children's Climate Conference held at National Bal Bhawan, New Delhi organized by Green Mentoring & Solutions PVT.LTD, powered by Law of Nature. 
  There were debates, penal
discussions, presentations etc. We all got this opportunity to learn something about nature for our better future. We all want to live a healthy, disease free and happy life but most of us are suffering from some or the other disease due to pollution, having unhealthy food and  global warming etc. We, knowingly or knowingly are damaging nature, but we must understand that we belong to nature, nature doesn't belong to us. All the creatures are dependent on nature. We can save nature and have a healthy life by planting trees, saving forests,   organic farming, cleanliness, avoiding plastic etc.
We should make people aware about these things for our better future. We should motivate our youth to lead to bring change in the world as they are full of life and energy and first we should start with ourselves. Schools should start projects like Green School, Zero Plastic and implement them. Students and teacher escort were awarded certificates of participation.
Monika Vaishnav/ Educator

Monday, 13th January; was filled with curiosity and zeal the class XI gathered to bid farewell to outgoing class XII. Class XI students welcomed them with tilak and roses. The program began with lighting of the candle
and best wishes for their bright future by Principal, Ms. Rajeshree
Shihag. Kinjal Rao was selected as Ms.Fabindia and Manish Paliwal was selected as Mr. Fabindia. Games were organized for them and the winners were awarded with prizes. The children enjoyed the sumptuous dinner, dance, music and campfire. The evening was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers and to reminisce joyous moments.

Saturday, 18th January: My Good School Saturday was celebrated. The day started with Inter House Patriotic Song Competition, all students sang with full zeal and enthusiasm.
Judges for the competition were Ms. Sarika Kumari, Mr. Abhay
Singh & Mr. Pralay Nag. First position was secured by Teresa House, Raman House stood second and Dhyanchand House bagged the third position.
To be fit & healthy Cross Country was organized for the students. They ran four kilometers.
Then for an hour they had a session on Value Education. Freedom; the value from the Little Book of Values was conducted with students. Post the session  students were divided into groups, brain stormed the essence of Freedom and did presentations to express their thoughts.
To enhance creativity and artistic skills in the students soft boards decoration was done by students. They enjoyed the day!    

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