Dr Vasudha Neel Mani: Let Us Understand Ourselves

Lets understand ourselves first and spread the awareness...

The country right now is in a state of despair. There has been a complete shut down in 75 corona virus hit districts. The list includes the major states of the country. It started with a lockdown and moved to shutdown and there are chances of curfew too. Lets understand the difference between all three:

Lockdown is a preventive measure during an emergency from leaving or entering a building or premises.

Shutdown is shutting down and termination and suspension of operations, services or business activity.

Curfew is a regulation  and strict mandate from the government that requires people to stay indoors completely and keeping them off streets to address an emergency situation. Any violations are met with a fine or arrest.

It has been on very rare occasions, where the government takes these measures together and our country is facing this right now. Most of us as citizens of our country are not taking this seriously. According to a recent data, we had 84 cases on 13th March that has risen to 428 cases today as I write this blog. In just 10 days, these numbers have grown exponentially. Sadly, we still don’t understand the gravity of the situation.

My this blog is an effort to reflect and introspect on the human’s tendency to follow the rules imposed on them. There is no proactive approach or measures on its own. There had been a tendency and thought that Corona will not affect us and because of this thinking we have landed in this situation. This is the time to stay indoors and spend time with family. Follow your passions, hobbies, read, write paint in your leisure time and if very necessary, please work from home. Please don’t venture out unless its an emergency.  Avoid home deliveries of online food, couriers. Sanitise the fruits, vegetables and groceries before use.

I urge the parents to spend quality time with their children, let them read ,paint or explore the creative streak in them. Discuss the current affairs and news with them. Respect their view points in the discussions and make them aware.

Let us all be sensitive to our neighbours or known people who have travelled abroad and not create any kind of panic and pressure on them. Stay positive and don’t hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Lets be in gratitude for all those medical professionals, govt officials, district administration, local police, traffic police and many more who have put their life at stake for us so that we are safe in our houses and protected against this virus. My this post is a tribute to all of them and an expression of gratitude for working tirelessly for the citizens and society without fearing of the consequences for their health.

Stay safe, stay indoors and keep praying and chanting so that we are able to defeat this pandemic and overcome this situation as a society, country and human population.

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Dr Vasudha Neel Mani
Vice Chairperson Learning Forward India

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