The School Weekly 15th March 2021


Session closing is around the corner; assessments, corrections, planning for the new session,  incorporation of the New Education Policy are creating a wave of change and enthusiasm. Assessments have been planned to assess students of what they know and not of what they don't know. Lot of flexibility and opportunities have been created to overcome the learning gaps.

Posts from our Educators
Hope for the Best 
Being human beings there are lots of dreams which we want to fulfil in our life. We want them to fulfil at the earliest. But in reality, sometimes we fail to achieve them yet there are so many opportunities. It is because of lack of attention and hard work. Former President of our country APJ Abdul Kalam says, “Dream, Dream Dream, Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.” We are thinking beings. So think more and then all possible ways will surely open for us and do work hard accordingly. Napoleon Bonaparte says, “Nothing is impossible; there are ways that lead to everything, and if we had sufficient will we should always have sufficient means. It is often merely for an excuse that we say things are impossible.”
The very first thing is to believe and have patience for it. Everything has a perfect timing to happen. But before that we lose our hope, we doubt on ourselves and that is what it kills our belief at first hand. Never underestimate ourselves. We are always more than what we think. Everything lies within us, first we need to seek it within ourselves and we will find everything which is needed for us whether it is the strength, love, motivation, courage or the power. No one else could ever give us like we give it to ourselves.
There is nothing wrong in having high ambitions, along with that we must have a strong faith to achieve them. The power is always within us. We just have to realise and make use of it. It is true that our thinking makes our reality. So always try to find something positive in everything, we need to focus on the brighter side and then the negativity will blur out. Hope for the best and work for the best.
Patience is necessary for success. It is  said that " All good things come to those who wait."
If you wish to achieve anything of significance, we can not expect to achieve it overnight.  Patience teaches us to value the  effort & not just the success .
It is  a mistake to think that happiness can only be attained through certain achievements. 
Patience takes time to learn. If you aren't born with it. You have to be able to trust & wait. Being patience brings peace of  mind .When we expect certain outcomes, we have no peace in mind for we set the standards extremely high.  If you  get  frustrated also, nothing  gets done expect your temper rises and  when you try to learn.  
Something, you need to stay patient well because the same thing will happen to you and you will get no where. Some ways to be more patient are :
Just stop, catch the mind ranting that you shouldn't be in this situation. 
Settle into the moment you might feel your body. 
Go into your body with your mind's eye and find out how you know you're impatient. 
 If you  can  open any tightness, breathe into any clenching. 
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Punita Chouhan
Handling Pressure 
Pressure means stress that affects us in different ways.  It also affects a person at work or home.  There are different types of stress like physical stress, emotional stress, psychological stress and behavioural stress. Some of the causes of stress are as follows :
1. When we do non stop work without taking rest then it  leads to physical stress. It causes body ache and headache.
2.  If we take less sleep or stay awake till late night, our eyes become red. Our mind does not get any rest and it can lead to psychological stress.
3. Sometimes, we keep on thinking  or worry on certain matters which affects us both physically and mentally and can lead to stress.
4. Sometimes due to financial crisis or loss of a beloved or unpleasant work  environment can also lead to  stress.
 Following steps can be taken to keep away stress:
1. You need to take proper care of yourself, i.e. proper diet and rest.
2. Talk to others to divert your mind from the thing that can cause stress.
3. Do  activities like reading, painting, dancing, playing games, listening music.
4. Do yoga, exercise, meditation daily. 
As educators we must make our students understand what is stress, how it is caused and how to deal with it. If stress is not handled properly, then it can lead to dangerous consequences. Each one of us must try to handle stress in a positive way and get it out of our life to lead a happy and stressfree life.
Prerna Rathod 
Posts from our Students
Happiness is the most expensive thing in the world. If we are happy then we can make others happy. Happiness is the medicine which makes people physically fit and strong. I get happiness by talking to my father and taking care of him. Happy person does his work happily and with enjoyment, but if the person is sad then he can’t focus on work. People get happiness from various things: By making others happy, talking with friends, listening to music, I get happiness when my dream comes true. In world no one is happy everybody is busy in their work and everyone has tension. In very situation just be happy and your problem will be solved. So be happy always 
Akshita Rathore 
Class X A
Politeness, as a great virtue, needs to be practiced by all. A polite person is always respected and loved by everyone in society. Showing polite behavior is a good manner and helps a person get the honor. Politeness means being civilized and cultured in a society. One has to be polite and considerate of the feelings of others. This means you have to put the feelings of others first than yours. You have to understand them without hurting them with your words. Speaking rudely will offend them but being polite will please them. Being polite is a responsibility for all of us to maintain good social relationships. In school, at home, or in the community, politeness is a behavior that demands superior heart and gentle words. In short, politeness costs nothing but adds much to the person’s personality and behavior.
Shruti Rajpurohit
Class- XII
The Purpose Of Education
In modern times, people knew the importance of education. Every parent wants to educate his child. Yet, I wonder if we have yet realized what the real purpose of education is. I am afraid for most of us, it helps to earn more money and perhaps more respect in a society which values money and power. But even uneducated people have earned a lot of money and gained respect. I would therefore say that this earning and spending is not the real purpose of education.
Education should help us to perfect our mind in four basic abilities. First of them is the ability to express oneself orally and in writing. Second quality of an educated mind is clarity of thought. Third, he should be able to make valid judgments in conflicting matters. The last and the most important thing is to learn what is important and unimportant in the world. 
Khushal Singh Rajpurohit
Class VIII B
Trust is very important thing in life, trust is hard to define but we do know when it's lost. It takes years to build but seconds to break and it cannot regain. When a paper is crumbled and you can smooth it over but it's never going to be the same again. Trust makes the people to believe in you like when student trust it's teacher then the teacher always try to make the student future bright as possible. Trust is fundamental to life and it is always says that to gain someone trust is difficult but it's not true if you build the nature of belongingness then you can gain someone's trust easily without any difficulty. Faith and trust are two qualities that make a man great.
 If you can trust you are the person of courage because a coward person can never ever trust anyone in their life. When there is trust the communication becomes easy and the goal can be achieve. It is a special thing to be trusted by someone. To be told you are trusted is an even greater feeling. You should not trust easily anybody because most of the time people only takes your advantage, always be careful before you trust anybody once you found someone whom you can trust then your life becomes good and sorted. Trust is like a good deed it always comes in good manner. Initially being honest and being trustworthy is same because you never lie to someone then automatically it builds someone trust on you which brings feeling of happiness. For trusting someone you should trust yourself first, if you can't trust yourself  then there is no way that you can trust anyone else because if you doubt yourself then you will always doubt those around you as well. 
Trusting someone is always positive, trust is very rare thing to find in the life. It is always being difficult to trust whom you don't know but you should give one chance to them by trusting them there will will be two situation that person whom you trusted would broke your trust  then you should make that person your lesson by telling yourself that whom I trusted taught that you should never trust someone easily in your life or that person not break your trust, then you are lucky to have that person in your life and that person gives you good memories in your life which gives you  courage to deal with any problems in life
Krisha Dave
Class- XII

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