The School Weekly 1st March 2021

Students and Educators are working on the learning gaps created during Covid-19. We aren't waiting for the new session to implement NEP, making education relevant and meaningful. Ensuring no child is left behind.
Middle and Primary Sections are getting accustomed to the blended form of education; understanding and application of facts is taken care of at the school, learning and explorations are done at home
Posts from our Students
Tolerance is the ability to remain calm in every situation. It is a value which itself includes many values that person should have like happiness,  respect,  patience,  humanity and many more which will help to unite the people.
We all are living in a society and a society is formed by group of people who have different element or thoughts that make them different from one another. And if we don't have tolerance in us the society will lead to inner-violence i.e people will stop presenting what they want or they will stop talking to each other. To stop this we need a skill to live together peacefully which is again referred as "Tolerance".
To be tolerant means that you accept other people's opinions and preferences even when they are not that you agree with. Be tolerant is to being someone's support which will make him or her happy and it will give him or her happiness. It also stops us, the young generation of getting feeling of hatred for others. It also increases curiosity for having new ideas. It will also give us strength to accept the values of others and it is also to appreciate someone which will help him or her to move forward in life.
We are living in a world where people of different backgrounds, cultures and religions are living together. So in order to create patience and to have peace between us, tolerance has become very crucial and important to be followed by everyone.  Especially in country like India where people start fighting on the topic related to religion.
I want to give a real life example of tolerance which I've seen myself. I met a girl who had been tolerant towards her friend. They used to make fun of her, they always do taunting and are always humiliating her but still she didn't even spoke against them.  Can you answer this? The answer is very clear that she respects her friendship and she wants her friends to be happy and so she did this.
At last but not least I would like to end my article with a beautiful quote
 ‘Life is just like painting draw the lines with hope erase the errors with tolerance dip the brush with lots of patience and coloured with love'
Diksha Choudhary
Class XII Science
 Do Good have Good
Once there was an elephant that lived in a zoo. The elephant wasn't happy to live in the zoo. He always tried to run away from the zoo but he couldn’t because he was always caught. There was a monster tree near the zoo. There was a flock of birds on the monster tree. The birds tried to help the elephant to run away from the zoo. One day, the birds started flapping their wings and the guard went there to see what happened there. On the other side, the elephant was putting all his efforts to get out of the zoo and finally, he ran away from the zoo. The elephant thanked the birds. Then he returned to his beautiful jungle life. Then one day, a hunter saw the flock of birds and he was planning to catch them in the net and kill them. The elephant saw the hunter and then he threatened the hunter and the hunter ran away from there. The bird’s were saved and thanked the elephant for helping them. 
The moral of the story— Do good have good.
Tiya Sompura, Moksha Sompura, Pawan Choudhary, Bhumika Rajourohit and Khushi Meghwal/ VI
Haunted Jungle
Once there was a beautiful jungle but no one wanted to go there because everyone from a nearby village said that the jungle was haunted. There were monsters like trees and vicious looking vines which entangled in such a way as to obstruct even sunlight entering it. Even fireflies didn't bother to break the darkness at night. It was so dense and looked dark even in the day-time. People often said that all the animals of the jungle were trapped and shackled in a zoo, not a regular one, somewhere deep within the greenery. In this zoo, the animals were living under a spell of a hunter and so no one ever visited it. People said that long ago, an elephant tried to escape but the hunter lashed it so hard with his whip that it almost died instantly. 
Sometime later, a group of curious teenagers came as tourists to the village and heard about all this and got more curious. They wanted to find the whole thing out. So, one day, although frightened, they set off to the jungle at night with big torches and some leftover food. When they entered the jungle, they felt something moving around the bushes but couldn't spot anything. So, they went deeper into the jungle. But these things were felt again and again and they realized that the jungle was getting more and more dark and dense. So, they decided to come in the daytime the next day. Next day, they went again as the sun rose and searched for the talked of zoo. They walked across length and breadth of the jungle but couldn't find anything even after spending so much time   there. At last, they realized that it's darkness was because of the dense foliage. The zoo, trapped animals, the hunter and the dead elephants were all a part of a rumour. They felt elated at last as they succeeded in finding the truth and hence, said hoo ray. 
Tamanna Solanki 
Class VI B
Hunters and the Elephants
Once upon a time a group of hunters went to a huge forest to hunt elephants. They passed through the forest with huge trees all around. While passing by the narrow path, they got scared by listening to the sound of animals . One of them had also heard about monsters living in the forest. There were beautiful birds and flowers in the forest. As they went near a pond, they saw a herd of elephants and all of them shouted ‘Hurray!’ They wanted to hunt the elephants and sell them to the zoo owners but the hunter's plan failed when the lion roared loudly and they all ran away saving their lives .
Moral - Save Animals and Environment.
Siddhi Solanki
Class VI B
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