The School Weekly 04th April 2022

News and Events
New Session has commenced, students are thrilled to go to new classes, everyone has graduated a step ahead to seniority. They are excited, motivated for a fresh beginning, with new books and new stories. Educators are happy and excited for newer learning experiences.
We welcomed our new students to create better learning experiences.
We bid farewell to Swabhi Parmar, our Social Studies Educator, as she has moved to Mumbai to venture into the field of Content Writing. New educators have joined our team to strengthen the workforce to create bigger milestones at the school. We will introduce them in the following weekly.
As we grow in strength, responsibility and commitment we have invested Prerna ma'am in the role of Headmistress at the middle level. She will be looking after Pre-Primary, Primary and Middle Sections at the school. She says, "I have been teaching at The Fabindia School for the last 16 years. In this journey, I have learnt a lot and gained new experiences which helped me in my professional growth. It has enhanced my teaching skills, knowledge and leadership qualities to another level. This has been a wonderful journey and I am glad to be a part of The Fabindia School." We wish her good luck with added responsibilities.

पेड़ लगाओ
धरती की बस यही पुकार
पेड़ लगाओ बारंबार,
आओ मिलकर कसम यह खाऍं
अपनी धरती स्वर्ग बनाऍं।
धरती पर हरियाली हो
जीवन में खुशहाली हो,
पेड़ धरा की शान है
जीवन की मुस्कान है।
पेड़ पौधों को पानी दें
जीवन की एक निशानी दें,
आओ मिलकर पेड़ लगाऍं हम
जग जीवन को महकाऍं हम।
जीवन खुशहाल बनाऍं हम,
आओ पेड़ लगाऍं हम।।
कल्पना इंदा / Vl
The world we live in today has been through a lot of things from World Wars to epidemics, but one thing which remained constant throughout is kindness. Moreover, it is the spirit to fight back and help out each other. Kindness towards nature, animals, and other people can transform the world and make it a beautiful living place. Kindness is being polite, compassionate, and thoughtful. Every religion and faith teaches its follower to be kind. One must not see kindness as a core value but as a fundamental behavioral element. When you are kind to your loved ones, you create a stable base. As people are becoming more self-centered today, we must learn kindness. We must try to integrate it into ourselves. You might not know how a small act of kindness can bring about a change in someone's life. Always remember, it does not cost anything to be kind. It may be a little compliment or it can be a grand gesture, no matter how big or small, time always matters. So, try your best to be kind to everyone around you.
Pranjal Mewara / VIII A
Best friend is a term used for a person whom we can trust and with whom we can share all our problems in hope that they will never betray us. 
Friends are those whom we know and who have good relations with us but a best friend is indeed like our family member. We can talk to them for hours without being bored or being judged. Finding a good friend in today's world is very difficult. We all want someone by our side who can lend us their shoulder in our hard times. Best friends are like a medicine who can heal everything. We have a special and strong bond with our best friends. We all have that one friend in our life who will act as if he/she doesn't care about you but deep inside he/she really does. They might sometimes argue with you or not talk to you but it doesn't mean that they don't care for you. No matter what the situation is, they will always protect you and care for you. If you have a best friend then never let him/her go because you are incomplete without them. Thank You!
Riya Vaishnav / X A
Recently, books have became my best friend. I spend most of my time in reading novels. I have adapted a habit of reading books while going home from school which I borrow from my school's library because it has a great collection of books. I also like to read e-books because I think that e-books are better than paper books as they are easily available, affordable and don't get damaged or lost unlike paper books. There is an app which I recently found named 'Wattpad' on which a lot of aspirant writers post their own work in forms of e-books. I spend a lot of time on reading those books because that app shows that a lot of people try so hard to pursue their dreams and as a responsible reader, it is my responsibility to praise and support their work. Apart from that, I have started reading a novel series titled 'Percy Jackson & The Olympians' which has 5 parts and is about a 12-year-old boy who discovers that he is the son of the Sea God, Poseidon and then he goes on several adventures and fights monsters among the other  gods' children who are known as demi-gods. The series revolves around the mythology of Greece and portrays the lives of different Gods and demi-gods. My obsession for books have made my friends angry and they always complain about my introvert and self-centered behavior because of books. But it is not like that I am complaining because I think that some obsessions are good for health.
Bhumika Nimbark / X
When once my friend was facing a problem related to a boy in her life and she was confused what to do and at that time I helped her to come out from that situation by giving her a solution to resolve her problem. Once I also helped my other friend in her worse situation in which she was, but when I needed her she was always with someone else. When I asked her she used to get irritated and she would then say 'sorry'. But she would repeat the same mistake again and then again she would say sorry. This is how she betrayed me, the one whom I trusted most. 
Meenakshi Sirvi / X A

Volume No. 510 Published by The Editorial Board: Mr Jitendra Suthar, Ms Swabhi Parmar, Ms Jyoti Sain, Mr Arvind Singh, Jatin Tripash, Pushpendra Singh Ranawat, Tamanna Solanki, Kritika Rajpurohit, Kanak Gehlot, Kunal Rajpurohit, Harshit Rajpurohit, Ronak Deora, Mohammad Anas.

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