The School Weekly 2nd May 2022

 News and events

'Let's Dance', Dance Competition was organized on 28th April 2022. More than 100 students participated. It was a great event to nurture talent at a young age.
There was a Mom's Category and we had amazing participation and enthusiasm.
Sonakshi Vaishnav stood first and Dawan Choudhary stood third.
Inter House Cricket: In the final match Raman House stood first in the Middle School and Teresa House in the Senior Section.


Worrying is like building a high tower with blocks of negative emotions, holding negative thoughts in mind and making people depressed. In reality, wrong might be an imaginary situation which either or is actually better than thought of. One can face worry due to a number of reasons such as failure in exams, ill health, lack of timely completion of work and boss's anger. Anxiety is not bad to a certain extent. In fact, it's a good tool to check our confidence or over-enthusiasm. But, as soon as it crosses a line of control, it starts causing stress and eventually leads to poor health.  There is a saying that "If a problem can be solved then there is no need to worry however, it cannot be solved, then what's the use of worrying". There is a great difference between worry and concern.
Divya Chouhan

Class X

Hard Work

Hard work makes us strong as a person. When we seriously do hard work for prosperity, we

automatically get prepared for the worst. There will always be odds in life. But, an honest journey for success is invaluable, because it helps us live a life as a strong and independent person.
Hard work is very important in a human's life. The person who is working hard can achieve success and happiness in his life. When a person works hard and gets success in life, then the happiness he gets cannot be compared to anything. 

Hard work determines our value in life. Diligence is the weapon of human life on the strength in which he can overcome even the most severe crisis. There is a well-known proverb that says ‘if there is no pain, then there is no gain’. Hard work never goes wasted. Man can solve all problems in his life by working hard. No work in the world can be successful or accomplished without hard work. Nothing is easy to achieve in life without doing any work. Therefore, it has been said that hard work is the key to success.

Yashwant Singh

Importance of Reading

Reading is an exercise for the mind. It helps the students to calm down and relax, opening doors to new knowledge to enlighten their minds. The English Literary Society visited the Ranakpur Gardens for their reading activity. A great day spent in Ranakpur  Garden reading Ganga Descends by Ruskin Bond. It's like reading about nature sitting between nature. A mesmerizing experience with loud reading. In this way we enhance our reading and communication skills. Involvement of students was full of enthusiasm with an attentive nature. We were told about the importance of listening and reading skills and how it will help us in further activities. It also helped us to improve our vocabulary and capability of understanding the language as well as helped us to boost our personality. Students will now reflect on two learnings that they had after reading: 'Mountains are stable' & 'Women Empowerment'. We enjoyed the reading session a lot and long to attend such sessions more.
Harshit Rajpurohit/ XII Science


Patriotism is known as our passionate love for our country. This is termed as a virtue that

inspires each citizen of the country to offer selfless service and contribute to making it a better nation. A country that is developed in a true sense is pillared by true patriots. In other words, we can say that patriotism signifies keeping the nation's interests first and thinking about it as an individual later. At times of war, the feeling of patriotism multiplies. Another significance is that a country is referred to as the motherland so we should treat it equally as we do respect our own mother. Our country helps us to grow and nurture so we also have a duty to make it better in every sense. It enhances our life’s quality and when we all will work for the country's betterment then we could save ourselves from indulging in conflicts. As a result, a happy environment will be established. India’s Patriots The history of India’s freedom struggle shines through the immortal courage of the heroic personalities like Veer Damodar Savarkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, and many more who lived in the age of national upsurge and sacrificed their lives for the sake of their beloved country. Such great patriots fought for the country and against the atrocities that were being perpetrated on the countrymen. 
Dhruv Suthar/VIII B

मेरा नाम धनराज सिंह है। मैं कक्षा आठ का छात्र हूॅं। हाल ही में हमारे विद्यालय प्रबंध ने विद्यार्थियों में नेतृत्व क्षमता के विकास के लिए पहली बार 'जूनियर हेड बॉय' और 'जूनियर हेड गर्ल' के लिए चुनाव कराने का निर्णय लिया और इसके लिए दिनांक 28.04.22 को चुनाव प्रक्रिया का कार्यक्रम रखा गया। जिसमें अनेक विद्यार्थियों ने बढ़ चढ़कर भाग लिया। इस चुनाव प्रक्रिया के होने से हमें छात्र और छात्राओं की योग्यता जानने का मौका मिला। इस चुनाव प्रक्रिया में प्रत्येक छात्र छात्राओं को आगे आकर अपना परिचय वह अपने में विद्यमान योग्यता को दिखाने का मौका मिला । इस प्रक्रिया में योग्य छात्र और छात्राओं का चुनाव हुआ। जिसके नाम निम्न प्रकार हैं - छात्रों में धनराज सिंह, आर्यवर्धन सिंह, अक्षत सोनी, अनस जई, सौम्यजीत सोलंकी तथा सोमांशु सिंह थे। छात्राओं में तमन्ना सोलंकी, निधि राव, पवन चौधरी, याशी सोनी, टीया सोमपुरा,  तान्या त्रिपाश, मोक्षा सोमपुरा आदि छात्राओं ने भाग लिया। प्रत्येक छात्र और छात्राओं ने अपना मतदान दिया। मतदान के बाद घोषित परिणाम में बहुमत के आधार पर 'जूनियर हेड बॉय' के लिए कक्षा आठवीं के सौम्यजीत सोलंकी और 'हेड गर्ल' के लिए तान्या त्रिपाश को विजय घोषित किया गया। हमारी ओर से उनको बहुत बधाई।
धनराज सिंह

कक्षा Vlll अ

मेरा देश भारत 

मेरा देश भारत है। मेरे देश की राजधानी दिल्ली है। मेरा देश बहुत बड़ा है। मेरे देश भारत में सभी मिल-जुल कर रहते हैं। मेरे देश में दीपावली ,होली ,गुरु पर्व ,ईद व क्रिसमिस डे जैसे- त्योहार मनाए जाते हैं। मेरे देश में बहुत सी भाषाएँ हैं। मेरा देश भारत मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगता है।

मंदिरा सिंह राजपुरोहित 

कक्षा दितीय

मेरा मनपसंद फल

आम मेरा मनपसंद फल है। आम फलों का राजा है। आम भारत का राष्ट्रीय फल है। पीला हरा रंग का होता है।आम में एक गुठली होती है ,जो आम का बीज होती है । आम से कई चीजें बनाई जाती है आम से कई चीजें बनाई जाती है जैसे आमरस ,अचार ,मुरब्बा चटनी इत्यादि। आम कीअलग-अलग किस्म होती है,जैसे लंगड़ा, दशहरी, केसर हापुस चौसा ,तोतापुरी, रत्नागिरी इत्यादि। इसीलिए सभी फलों में से आम मुझे अत्यधिक पसंद है। 

कनक राज राठौड़

कक्षा प्रथम

Report of the Middle Section Club and Society

In the English Club and Literary Society students learnt chunks of phrases and their usage. In Computer Club students learnt block programming languages (Scratch).They are learning programming Blocks - Motion and Events blocks. Students are working on short flash games and  Basic Structure of Block programming. In the Environment Club installation of birds feeders and bathing bowls were done. Birds are an important part of the ecosystem and integral part of the food chain .But nowadays we can see the decreasing number of birds around our homes and in our locality .

Due to the ongoing decline in the number of trees and natural water resources birds are unable to find reliable shelter and food resource

To contribute and overcome this issue our environment club came up with the idea to install bird feeders and bird bathing bowls in our schools

Through these bird feeders and bathing bowls we wish to provide birds a resource of food and water.

In the Tinker Club concept of open circuit and close circuit was explained. Students designed their own circuit with 2-3 LEDs. New components like breadboard and resistors were used by students. LDR based solar lanterns in the design phase.

Hindi literary society

विद्यार्थियों के समक्ष व्यवहारिक जीवन से जुड़े कुछ प्रसंग और स्थितियों को मौखिक रूप से बताया गया।

विद्यार्थियों ने बारी-बारी से प्रसंगों के अनुसार प्रतिक्रियास्वरूप नैतिक मूल्यपरक संवाद वाक्य बोलें। 

संवादपूर्ण वाक्यों को जोड़ते हुए कहानी बनाने पर परिचर्चा की गयी।

नाटक के मंचन के लिए विद्यार्थियों को अलग-अलग पात्रों की भूमिका दी और भावपूर्ण तरीके से पुस्तक वाचन की सहायता से नाटक के अभिनय का  अभ्यास कराया गया।

Volume No. 514 Published by The Editorial Board: Mr Jitendra Suthar, Ms Jyoti Sain, Mr Arvind Singh, Jatin Tripash, Pushpendra Singh Ranawat, Yashwant Singh Sonigra, Tamanna Solanki, Kritika Rajpurohit, Kanak Gehlot, Kunal Rajpurohit, Harshit Rajpurohit, Ronak Deora, Mohammad Anas.

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