The School Weekly 08th May 2023

Morning Chit Chats

After the morning assembly, students were given 15 minutes to walk around the campus and catchup with friends. This little exercise helped in creating a bond of friendship with nature and others. They made groups and had fun together roaming around the campus. A little activity changes the mood of students toward learning.


The students of class II participated in this activity which helped them to build confidence and self-esteem. It enabled them to improve their descriptive skills by communicating feelings, thoughts, and emotions in words.
The students were informed to bring their favorite toy or any object of their choice. 
Charts and posters were prepared by the students and teachers which added to the beauty of the scenario. 
It was an interesting and enjoyable experience for the kids to share their feelings with peers. 
Moksha Vaishnav/ Educator

Story Creating Activity 

A story-creating activity was conducted for Class IV and V.  Children were divided into groups according to their House. A picture was given to each house group. Children created stories and planned to act and narrate the story in front of the class. They gave a title and moral to their stories. Teamwork, leadership qualities, patience, creativity, listening, speaking, and writing skills were developed through this activity.

Nine Delegates along with two teacher escorts, Mr. Mohit Malviya and Ms. Bharti Rao went to attend the HGSMUN from 26th April 23-29th April’23. Model of United Nations was held at Heritage Girls School, Udaipur. It was a fabulous event in which students from twelve different schools along with the host school gathered to debate and discuss the problems which are existing in our world these days. This MUN is organized to hear the voices of today’s youth. It is a great opportunity for the one who wants to develop public speaking skills and also boost self-confidence. It was knowledgeable and skillful for our students. The HGSMUN Udaipur chapter started with great joy and enthusiasm. The children were distributed to different committees to brainstorm on various current topics of society, politics, environment, etc. Three of our students were delegates of UNODC, two were delegates of UNHRC, three were delegates of G-20, and one was a delegate of UNCSW. Mr. Rahul Menon and his team were amazing mentors who lit a fire in the delegates to explore, gather knowledge, develop confidence, and enhance their public speaking skills. First of all the students were nervous but after one session they were just amazing and spoke confidently. This HGSMUN has given our children a wide scope of knowledge, enhanced their communication skills, and also the skill to know the art of public speaking. They also got a chance to listen to reputed persons from different departments as guests. This was altogether a very enthralling experience for all of us.
Bharti Rao/Educator

Interview with Parikshit Vyas Sir 
( PVS - Parikshit Vyas Sir ) 
( Reporters/RP - Prachi Kunwar and Mohita Solanki from class X )

RP: How did Fabindia prepare you for your career?
PVS: Fabindia plays a vital role in building a career by providing education, training, career counseling, networking opportunities, and access to resources that can help me to achieve my career goal.
RP: What are the changes you have seen in Fabindia?
PVS: The changes in the new Fabindia reflect a shift towards a more modern, inclusive, and student-centered approach to education. The emphasis is now on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, with the use of technology and more interactive and collaborative teaching methods.
RP: How did you feel on your first day as a teacher in the school you studied earlier?
PVS: The first day of a new job in my school was a mix of emotions, but it is an exciting time that marks the beginning of a new chapter in my career. With a positive attitude and willingness to learn, I can make the most of this experience and build a successful career.
RP: What do you like the most about this school?
PVS: Sense of nostalgia, rigorous standards, strong community, personalized attention.
 RP: What are the challenges you have faced after coming to this school?
PVS: Balancing responsibilities, Maintaining boundaries, Overlapping relationships.
RP: What do you like the most when you are having no work during school hours?
PVS: As I saw principal ma'am is having great vision for Fabindia School. She always says if you're free, you can do any work like playing games, visiting forest areas, or any other work in your free time.
HGSMUN Experience
First of all, I would like to thank Principal Ma'am and the teachers for giving me the wonderful opportunity to participate in HGSMUN. I was over the moon.
On the first day,  I was filled with so much excitement and anticipation.  But at the first conference meeting,  I felt a bit nervous as there were many students and also it was my first time to be a part of a very competitive meeting. I was the delegate of the G20 Committee and my country was the Netherlands. It was a three-day conference. In the first session,  I was unaware of what to do and was blank out of my mind, seeing others speaking confidently and fluently was my first difficulty.  But somehow I managed to light up my confidence again with Mr. Rahul Menon, our mentor's guidance. He was the most amazing guy I had ever met. He was like a human Google assistant,  He started attending MUN conferences when he was in class 6th.  He was the one who made me keep standing there, he was very kind, and respectful and was like a bottle full of knowledge.  I also met many delegates who were very good at public speaking and made me think that the knowledge or intelligence I have at present is not enough.  Attending the HGSMUN made me learn a lot of things and has lit a fire to eat more knowledge in me. It was an unforgettable experience and I am ready and waiting for the next conference.  
Thank you
Dhawan Choudhary / XI

First of all, I would like to thank Principal Ma'am and the teachers for giving me this opportunity to attend the HGSMUN.  On the first day, I was nervous and scared that how would things go. I was super scared because it was my first time attending a MUN. I didn't know how things were going to take place. But when I spoke there my nervousness went away. Met children from different schools, passed chits, and interacted with others. Every time I spoke there, and asked questions of the other delegates the level of my confidence increased. I had a very awful experience there in the HGS. I was in the UNHRC Our chairperson was Ms. Lavisha Jindal. She has attended many conferences. She told us not to be nervous. We worked with different schools and created draft resolutions and POA. The feedback session was also very amazing. We wrote notes on the plaque cards of the delegates.  We had a lot of fun interacting with others, and it also enhanced my speaking skills although it was a wonderful experience. Waiting for the other MUNs to be held there.
Thank you
Tamanna Solanki/ IX

This was my first MUN and I have never gone in this kind of MUN’s before. I had a remarkable experience there. This is a kind of conference where so many students speak about the situations that what’s going on in that particular country and what thing is majorly happening in that country. We all discussed and found significant solutions to end conditions like human trafficking, and money laundering as I have my community named UNODC ( United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime). So, we all discussed and found the solution for the particular country. I was not aware of what we had to do in our committee, or what we had to speak but seeing others speaking without any fear. I started questioning myself if others can do why not me?? Then I started speaking even though I met so many students from different schools and had many conversations with them. I’m proud of myself that I went there and met so many unknown people.
Tiya Sompura/ IX

It was a great experience being at the most prominent educational institution in India - RIMC. Our day started with orientation and drawing lots. Sixteen teams participated in 'HUGH CATCHPOLE DEBATES' and we were one of them. Teams were from TonsBridge, Summer Valley, Doon School, Welham Girls, Bishop Cotton School, and many more. It was a privilege for us to be a part of such a debate Competition.  
We got our topic "But, for cricket, India would have done better in other sports". Students had performed commendably. It was an excellent exposure for the students. Debates were conducted smoothly and fairly. The topics were thought-provoking and enthralling. Students met cadets and they all were disciplined and supportive. They accompanied and guided us competently. This competition has changed my perspective and even it has fostered me to teach via new methodologies. I am grateful to my school for giving me such opportunities. 
Tejal Soni /HOD English

From the arid plains of Rajasthan, we are here in the lush green valley of Dehradun. It's a great privilege to be here second time at one of the prime Educational Institutions of India- RIMC. The ambiance of this institution itself brings a feeling of pride in oneself. We were glad to have RKKGPS Jodhpur, Pinegrove Kasauli, and Vasant Valley Delhi as our roommates and had the best time with them. 
Hugh Catchpole's debates are enough for you to have quality arguments and deep critical thinking. We got exposure to our skills, whether synthesizing arguments or listening and evaluating skills. We had a great time, interacting with the RIMC commandant and teachers, and talented cadets.  It's a lifetime memory to cherish.
Nalini Kanwar / XII
Junior Council Election 2023-24
On April 29, 2023, our school held an election for the school council. The purpose of this report is to summarize the election process and its results.
Overview of the Election Process
Candidates were nominated in the week leading up to the election. All students in grade 8 were eligible to participate.
In total, 99 students voted in the election, representing a turnout rate of approximately 77%. The following candidates were elected to the school council:
School Captain - Maheshpal Singh 
Vice-captain- Rudra Pratap Singh 
President- Divyanshi Singh 
Activity Head - Yakshita Rathore
Raman House Captain- Manav Rajpurohit
Teresa House Captain - Bhanu Pratap Singh
Gandhi House Captain- Kalpana Inda
Dhyanchand House Captain - Dharvi Dave
Overall, the election was a success with a high turnout rate and competitive race. It was a free and fair election.
Special Assembly
Every Morning in Fabindia is wonderful and heartwarming, especially when it starts with a poem in the voice of children. This makes it more immense and memorable. This is how the Morning of Saturday started with the sweet little voice of class 3rd students presenting a poem and a song named ' मन करता है' and a song named 'More Love More Power' was being performed wonderfully. Children enjoyed every bit of it and created a wonderful and peaceful environment.
1. I have heard that having a brain can cause 'Brain Cancer'...Thank god my best friend is safe... 
2. Me to my friends: "If common sense is so common, then why don't you have it?" 
Fun fact's 
ScienceThere is No Flavour in Food Without Saliva
HistoryIndia was one of the richest countries until the British invasion in the early 17th century.
Mathematics“Forty” is the only number that is spelled with letters arranged in alphabetical order
What can you break, even if you never pick it up or touch it?
Answer: A promise

Coordinators: Jaya Bawal, Divyani Rao, Divyanka Ranawat 
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