The School Weekly 15th May 2023

News & Events
Board Toppers for Class X & XII 
Congratulations to all the toppers of  The Fabindia School as they have passed with flying colours and scored high percentages in classes X and XII and kept the name of the school and their parents high.
Inspire Awards 
Sanyogita Ranawat/ XII Science and Soumyajeet Solanki/ IX cleared the District-Level Exhibition and have been selected for the State-Level Exhibition Inspire Award. They were helped and supported by Mangilal Dewasi and Dhruv Parmar of Class XII. They attended the State Level Exhibition at Chittorgarh from 11th May ‘23-13th May ‘23.Congratulations to both the students and their mentor Mr. Jitendra Suthar.

Mothers Day Celebrations 
On the occasion of Mother's Day, the Fabindia School honoured the Mothers by inviting the Mothers to School for Mother’s Day Celebrations. The children were happy to see their mothers as it was a surprise for them as well as the teachers whose Mothers attended the celebration. It started with the welcoming of the Mothers. Then a skit was enacted by the students. Musical Chair was organized for the mothers. Dance Competition was also organized and the winners were awarded. The children presented their mothers with tiaras to wear as a token of love. Everyone enjoyed the celebration and the high tea.

Debate Competition
Our School held a Cambridge Style Debate Competition on 6th May 2023 for Classes Xl and Xll. The topic for the debate was “Are women better managers than men?” All the participants performed very well.
1st Position- Nalini Kunwar/ XII Science
2nd Position -Sanyogita Ranawat/ XII Science
3rd Position- Govind Singh Rajpurohit / XII Humanities, Pushpendra Singh Ranawat/ XI Science
Dodgeball Inter House
A very interesting game was held on Saturday 'Dodge- ball', all the houses gave their best to the sport from the last two Saturdays. This game was participated by both girls and boys and the results are here:
In girls:
1st Position - Teresa House 
2nd Position - Dhyanchand House
3rd Position - Raman House
In boys: 
1st Position- Dhyanchand House
2nd Position - Raman House
3rd Position - Teresa House
Extempore Competition 
This Saturday our school held an Extempore Competition for Classes IX and X. All those who participated  were nervous but  still, they did their  best and these are the results of the competition:
1st Position -Bineeta Sonigra/ X (Dhyanchand House)
2nd Position -Tamanna Solanki/ IX (Dhyanchand House)
3rd Position -Tiya Sompura/ IX (Raman House)

Plantation on Birthday
द फैबइंडिया विद्यालय में कक्षा एलकेजी के छात्र कृष्णा सोमपुरा ने विद्यालय में पौधा लगाकर तथा अपने सहपाठियों को चॉकलेट के स्थान पर पेंसिल और रबड़ देकर जन्मदिन मनाया। पौधे लगाकर यह संदेश दिया कि फिजूलखर्ची की जगह हमें ऐसे पर्यावरण हितैषी कार्य करके तथा अपने प्रत्येक जन्मदिन पर कम से कम एक पेड़ लगाकर खुशियां मनानी चाहिए। बच्चों के हाथों से लगाए पौधे पेड़ का रूप धारण करके हमें ठंडी छांव देंगे। आज बढ़ती गर्मी का कारण पेड़ों की अंधाधुंध कटाई है। ज्यादा से ज्यादा पौधे लगाएंगे तो हमें स्वच्छ वातावरण मिलेगा। पेड़ पौधे हमें आक्सीजन देते हैं, जो हमारे शरीर के लिए जरूरी है।
कुसुम डांगी
Seed Germination Activity
For a better tomorrow plant more trees and make this planet a better place to live in. The school stresses the importance of protecting our environment. To sow the seeds of love towards nature, a seed germination activity was conducted in the school.
The teacher explained in a playful way using various teaching aids about what all a seed required to grow into a plant. Children were asked to observe the sowing seed for a couple of days and notice changes in the seed. Children were encouraged to plant more saplings in their surroundings. To keep our environment green.
We also did an exhibition on various types of seeds, where children saw multiple types of seeds. 
Jyotsana Mali/Educator
Our school focuses on a green lifestyle and cares for nature. Same values we inculcate in our children. It is so inspiring when students come to school holding a plant and tell us to plant a plant on their birthday. He may know the value of planting the plant, so he has taken a little action. We all celebrated his birthday in a green way by planting the plant, as we generally do in our school. It is not only about a single birthday; he had revitalized the awareness of nature with his other friends in school. Their every tiny action will bring about change, and it’s very proud for all of us.
Archana Purohit/ Educator
  • Baccho ke maan per pada kuch aisa dabav, ki bacche bole kyu hote hai yeh exams.
  • Rahul sir kar rahe hai bhed bhav bole gudiya ko hi dunga extra marks.
  • Apne bal pra darshan krte hue Rahul sir ka hua short pra darshan.
  • School Captain ka chal raha India tour, pehle Dehradun, dusra Chittorgarh fir Rishikesh then to be continued.
  • Do din se hue bacche hua ghayal kuki garmi ka aatank.
Fun facts
Science:  Water can boil & freeze at the same time

Social Science: Tug-of-war was once an Olympic sport

Mathematics: Markings on animal bones indicate that humans have been doing maths since around 30,000 BC.
You see a boat filled with people, yet there isn’t a single person on board. How is that possible?
Answer: All the people on the boat are married.

NOTE: The School is closed for Summer Vacations from 13th May’23 to 25th June 23.  We will return with more news and views when the school reopens on 26th June'23.

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