The School Weekly 01st May 2023

Pre-Primary Special

My Love My School 

Taught them to be socialized and got them into emotional engagement with good communication. 
Monday, 01st May 23: Pre-Primary School commemorates the innocence of childhood and it’s a precious time for all of us because it’s the time when the Childs mind develops rapidly. Learning things by playing with friends are joyful but now as a teacher, we know the importance of the age zero to five when the engagement in meaningful learning is designed for joyfully securing their future. It all refers to a plan for playing different games, fun, role plays, and a list of several activities that are scheduled in a way that is funny but they get to learn things unknowingly.
The Pre-Primary Section in The Fabindia School has been designed in an open environment with a huge ground for learning, activities, and funs. Teachers teach them to be socialized and get them into emotional engagement with good communication from the very beginning of their age. The best thing about this section is that the students become very friendly with others, and I think it is the best foundation for a student.
Subrato Sarkar/ Educator

“When teachers come up with an activity and introduce them to the children, they become very curious to know more about it. Once they learn it; they enjoy it a lot and practice for the same pleasure, it gives a lesson to them unknowingly and they get to learn things easily”.
Archana Rajpurohit/Educator

Students talk about saving water, electricity and not to use plastic.

Students always seem to be curiously exploring art, drawing, and colors for their pleasure. It’s a true reflection of their mind. They are predictable about the forms that will be created after some of their pencil scratches on any surface like today as they were emotionally engaged in making lines on the ground and created some beautiful drawings. Every elder should learn this skill from them because here the students are not thinking of making art maturely but they are creating art easily with joy. I believe art is not complicated as we think; it is just to show your inner view onto the visual creations on any surface. They moved from one place to another if one drawing is done as they are free to draw as big as they can without page limitation in class. 

It may be the best journey for students through The Fabindia School for grabbing many opportunities in multiple areas of skills and advantages. This school has an active environment all around it is now your turn to experience the school here.

Working with my team and taking them on the path of making every day a special day and and creating better learning experiences. To all my dear readers, we work with great enthusiasm and good efforts for our kids' and for their better performance. Being a Coordinator of this section gives me a lot of confidence to develop innovative ideas that can engage our students and create curiosity for learning. 
Pinkee Chouhan/Pre-Primary Coordinator 

Jyostna Ma'am: I never knew that it would be a learning experience every day. Sometimes we stay in the myth that we know everything but the more you explore the more you learn.

Ritu Ma'am: Most of the time I spend engaging the students in finding out different places for connect and creating learning opportunities.

Archana ma'am: I love the sparkling, bright eyes of my little ones.

Kusum Ma'am: One thing that I love the most to do every day is becoming the reason for my children to regain their energy and become active again.

Renuka Ma'am:  I remain curious about talking to children and listing to their unexpected answers. 
A Child's life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.
It takes a big heart to help shape little minds
Expressing love for mother earth.
Learning to care for animals.
Clear vision, support, and teamwork.
“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” —Confucius

Credit goes to all the teachers of the Pre-Primary School.

Volume No. 556 Published by The Editorial Board: Mr. Jitendra Suthar, Ms. Jyoti Sain, Mr. Chatra Ram Choudhary,  Mr. Priyadarshan Singh, Mr. Subrata Sarkar.

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