The School Weekly - 5th Aug 2013

30 July : Elocution Competition was organized for Senior and Junior section. There were 16 participants in each section. Four participants from each house in each section. Everyone gave a beautiful performance and spoke their articles confidently. There was more girls participation than boys.

31 July : A Survey was conducted in class X and this was the Outcome.

2 Aug : On Friday different activities were carried out in the middle section.

3 Aug : On Saturday in Mr. Atul Bhatt’s workshop we discussed on the point : Who a good teacher is?
Mr. Atul came to the conclusion that a good teacher is one who is a good communicator, has subject knowledge, is committed, is a motivator, multi-talented, good behavior and can generate interest in students.
Point of View
Monsoon Cloud  
This monsoon time with darkening sky and weepy clouds,
I started raining; nights long blowing warm winds,
Cry waiting dreaming on,
I came with the monsoon to bring happiness,
And greenery everywhere
To make fields happy and people too.
As a monsoon cloud,
With thunder and lightning too. - Mahima Gehlot (Class X)

Teachers are like stars
Who shows the path to go far
Teachers  are like birds,
Who  always say sweet words,
Teachers  are like cloud.
Who make us feel proud.
Teachers are like trees
Who take great care to handle.
Teachers never allow us to get depressed
In their company we get refreshed .
Teachers are like flowers,
Whose blessings are like showers  - Vaishali Rao (Class X)

Corruption is one of the things in today’s world which is destroying the world and also life of people. Corruption is a thing which is done by people to get their work done by wrong means. It is also called bribing where one person tempts the other to do something wrong. Many people do this to make their life better and earn more money. But while doing this other peoples life is affected. It is because of corruption that deserving candidate do not get what they really deserve corruption is seen everywhere in politics, colleges, offices, hospitals , schools, etc. If this continues there will no happiness in the world. Nobody will feel secure. So, every attempt should be made to stop corruption each one must do his/her part to stop it.  - Mrs. Prerna Rathod

Compiled by Bharati Rao and published every week.

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