The School Weekly - 26th Aug 2013

Raksha Bandhan Special
19 Aug : Rakhi Making Competition was organized for students of Class IV to XI. The students were excited and they made beautiful rakhis and displayed it on the display board. Class VIII B stood first, Class VIII A stood second in the senior section while Class V B stood first and V A stood second in the junior section.

24 Aug : A Survey was conducted in class X and this was the Outcome. 

First Terminal Examination is being conducted for Class Nursery to Class V from 19th Aug to 27th Aug. in the school. The rest of the middle and senior section will have their examination next month.

Point of View
History and Significance of Raksha Bandhan  
Raksha Bandhan is a term from the Hindi language which means a relationship or an association based on protection. This is a festival which has a long standing Indian heritage. More commonly known as Rakhi, this Indian festival signifies the sacred bond of love between a brother and sister. 

The Changing Face of Raksha Bandhan
Rakhi, though considered by some as having a religious origin. But, there have been many occasions in history that have emphasized the relationship between a brother and a sister more than the religious side of it. Gradually, over the centuries and over time Rakhi has lost its original outlook that made everyone associate it with the Hindu religion.

Origin of Raksha Bandhan
As with other Indian festivals, Rakhi also follows the festival calendar that is completely based on the weather changes and their significance in the lives of people. Rakhi has a rich Indian mythological base. Many historically significant epics are related to the origin and the subsequent development of Raksha Bandhan. The festival also finds a mention in most of the epics and its origin can be traced to as far back as the ancient times.
 - Sunil Kumar

Raksha Bandhan
It is a relation of trust,
even stronger than the Earth’s crust.
Every two people are together
-Sister and brother
Sisters eagerly wait for this occasion,
while brothers save money to buy a ‘Cadbury Celebration’.
It is a sign of love between sister and brother,
which can’t be broken by any other.
This festival of joy and happiness,
has a great significance.
Brother promises to protect his sister,
while she prays for a long life of her brother.
For this unbreakable ‘Bandhan’,
I wish you a happy Raksha Bandhan. - Nikhil Soni (Class X)

Compiled by Bharati Rao and published every week.

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