The School Weekly - 29th July 2013

22 July : Formation of  Students’ Council
Bhagirath Singh             :  Head boy
Khusbhoo Punmiya       : Head girl
Shinu Philip                     : Red House Captain
Harshita Bhatnagar       : Vice Captain
Prachi Agarwal              : Green house Captain
Naushad Ali                    : Vice Captain
Prateek Udawat             :  Blue House Captain
Hema Choudhary          : Vice Captain
Shobha Choudhary       : Yellow house Captain
Soharsh Parihar             : Vice Captain

26 July : A number of activities were carried out in the class like composition writing, mental sums, practical, etc.
27 July : A PTM was held for classes VII to XI .Due to heavy rains only 10% of the parents attended the meeting.

Point of View
Modernisation vs Westernisation
Modernisation is a culture in which everything is new. We get new ideas for our society. Everything which takes place in making our life much more comfortable is example of Modernisation. Urbanisation & industrialisation as well as to the spread of education are also good examples of modernisation. - Pooja Dutta (class IX)

Westernisation is a change that has taken place in Indian Society to a major extent. Westernisation follows the adoption of different lifestyles, cultural ways, working styles, organising styles even the behaviour pattern of western countries. Modernisation means to innovate new ideas and to utilize new techniques to improve your society whereas westernisation means to adopt western culture. There is no harm to adopt western patterns but it is really harmful when in shade of adoption of western culture we start condemning our great culture, patterns & society. So be modern not western.  - Harshita Dalawat (Class-IX)
I would like my studies to be 60% sports to be 25% & co-curricular activities to be 15%. I think that studies have a great significance in our lives. My future depends on my studies. In this competitive world your intelligence counts, but along with mental abilities you must be physically fit too. Sports also help the body to grow and develop a well mannered way. Co-curricular is also important for all round development. By participating in competitions we become confident and we also become a good speaker which is required for any interview.  - Nikhil Soni (Class- X)

According to my opinion study should be about 50% for it is compulsory for students to study. Sports should be 40% for it is necessary for our physical fitness and we should get more chance to participate in sports activities. Co-curricular activities should be 10% as it also helps to remove our stage fear & become confident.  - Rishiraj Champawat (Class-XI).

Compiled  by Bharati Rao for The Fabindia School.

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