The School Weekly - 1st December 13

23rd November to 1st December 13: Five students with their coach have gone to Lonavla to participate in the Netball Tournament.

26th November 13: Students of class one to three went to Rata Mahaveer today for picnic and class four and five went to Dantiwara for picnic. They enjoyed a lot there. Five teachers escorted easy group.

 27th November 13: Students of class six & seven went to Kambeshwar Mahadev, class eight & nine went to Muchala Mahaveerji ,class ten & eleven went to Ranakpur Temple for picnic today.

 28th November 13: Students of pre- primary classes went to Ranakpur Temple for picnic today.
Children's Day was not celebrated in the school due to Annual Day's preparation so after Annual Function picnics were organized for the students on the occasion of Children's Day. The students enjoyed a lot there.

29th November 13: Class tests were taken in all the classes.

What is life
Life is to live, to live is to act
To act is to do something good
To do something good is to love God
So to live is to love
The difference is of only 'I' &'o'
I stands for self 'o' represents zero
Nothing & universe. So in the real sense of word
Life is to merge 'I' into "O'
- Darshan Rajpurohit    X

You can feel her innocence in your daughter
You can feel her passion in your beloved
You can feel her dedication in your wife
You can feel her love in your mother
Yet her heart is very strong but naughty
She is born to give you happiness Woman is wonderful creation of  God
- Mrs. Bharti Rao
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