The School Weekly - 23rd December 2013

16th to 21st December 13: Second Terminal Examination were conducted for the students of Class Nursery to Class V and Class XI.

21st December 13: The Trustees and Staff  organized a farewell for our most honorable principal Mrs. Parineeta Ranpal. Former President of Coco-Cola UK Mr. Sanjay Guha was the guest of honour at the farewell program. Mr.Sandeep Dutt Chairman BAT presented a token of appreciation to Mrs Ranpal for her distinguished service  of  seven and a half years.

23rd December 13: The school organised a trekking trip for  the students of Class IX to XI. The trekking venue was near The Ranakpur temple. First the students went for a three and a half kilometer hike, they participated in adventurous games and visited the Ranakpur Dam. they saw a crocodile too! The students cooked sweetmeats, snacks, fast food without using fire and returned back home by 5:00 PM.

24th December 13: Results were declared for the students who appeared for second term examination. The students of the senior section organized a short program for the farewell of their much loved principal Mrs Parineeta Ranpal. The Head Girl & Boy presented a bouquet and garland to the Principal. There were speeches, songs, poems by the students to show their love for their Principal. The teachers also said a few words. On the occasion of Christmas, Christmas Carols were sung by the students.
Point of View
School is the learning center
School can make us a good painter
School gives us knowledge
To go to college
School is one's best thing
Where we study and sing
School is like a temple
Do you have its sample
I like my nature
School is my future
I like my school very much
There is no school as such.
 - Sanju Kanwar (Class VIII)
Girls Education
Flowers the beauty of the garden soon vanish
As well as if we ignore the girls
The world will soon vanish
Don't play with the girl's life
We have to educate the girls
We have to give her respect
Because she is the pride of OUR COUNTRY
    - Kritika Mansion (Class VIII)
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
The School Weekly will not be published for the next two weeks please. We are on Christmas & Winter Vacation from 25th December 2013 to 4th January 2014.

Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.   

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