The School Weekly - 9th December 2013

2nd December 13: The Netball Team returned back from Lonavla near Pune, after winning  the national tournament.

3rd December 13: Students were awarded certificates for their academic performance, participation in projects and participation in the annual function. Teachers were awarded certificates for their efforts to make the annual function a success.

6th December 13: Friday activities were carried out in all the classes. In science the students were taken to the labs to do practicals. In other subjects mental sums, story writing, diary entry and a documentary film was also shown to the students.

7th December 13: Class tests carried out in all the classes. Parents Teacher Meeting for the pre primary classes was organised.
Point of View
Success is a great feeling of any human life. It can bring a great change in life. If we desire to get success then we must try our best irrespective of subjects. It may be in studies, games, music or other activities. Without achievements we can't get success. Without success we can't get the goal of our life. Success gives us popularity. After all a successful person becomes the'ideal of nation '. I can say success means :-
S- Serious
U- Ultimate
C- Capable
C- Creative
E- Energetic
S- Simple
S- Sober
- Bhavika Mansion 

Teenagers and their pursuits
The recent state of teenagers is very pathetic. Most of the children are spending the maximum time of their formafive years glued to the idiot box watching melodramatic movies or serials , which are by no means beneficial to them. Physical activities appear to take a backseat. They are not interested in creative pursuits or hobbies due to the extreme pressure of studies. The habit of reading books is on the decline. There will come a day when the habit of reading books will become extinct. Amidst the stress and strain of studies talking to friends on cellphones appears to be their only respite. Nowadays chatting on Facebook and what's up has become a trend for the teenagers.God save them.
- Pooja Dutta
Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.   

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