The School Weekly - 16th December 2013

13th December 13: Friday Activity was carried out in all the classes. In English story writing, lnterview writing were carried out, in Science the students were taken to the lab and did practical, in Maths they did mental arithmetic and in Social Science they made charts according to the topics given.

14th December 13: Class Tests were carried out in all the classes. Arrangement for second terminal exams was done for nursery to fifth classes which are going to start from 16th December.
Point of View
Technical Education
So far we have laid more and more emphasis on liberal or literal education. The aim of education is to give training in subjects like philosophy, history, literature but it gives us only a superficial knowledge without any practical training in the art of making the art of living. Technical education on the other hand it trains the body and teaches us how to earn our living. Technical education is the only method by which we can drive the ghost of unemployment among the educated people. More and more technical schools have opened. Technical education has been introduced in many schools. Formerly artisans made things mainly with their hands but with the progress in science improved machines have been invented and manufactured which can produce things on a larger scale in a short time and at a smaller cost. This is the importance of technical knowledge. It enables to earn their living and solves the baffling problem of unemployment.
 - Aditya Pratap Singh (Class VIII)
Our Principal
P - Perfect in everything
R - Regular in coming to office
I  -  Intelligent in all aspects
N - Never willing to do wrong
C - Careful to watch all activities
I  -  Intends to do good
P - Pays attention to all problems
A - Anxious to keep discipline
L - Loves all members of the school 
    - Pooja Koratkar (Class X)
Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.   

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