The School Weekly - 24th February 2014

17th February 14: Pre-Board examination for Class X is conducted from today.

20th February 14: Ms. Joan Cohen and her granddaughter Delphine visited the school today. Ms. Joan is from U.S. and she is one of the donors of a girl child & providing her wings to fulfill her dreams.

21th February 14: Different Friday activities carried out in all the classes.

22th February 14: Different activities carried out in all the classes. Class I to III had art & craft activity in the first half. The students under the guidance of their teacher made beautiful craft work & decorated their classes. In the second half the students had game activities. Class IV & V had music & library classes. Class VI to XI had Inter house cricket tournament while the rest of the students watched the movie ‘vertical limit’ and ‘puss in boots’. Class VIII decorated the display boards.

Interview with Ms. Joan Cohen
Q. Is it your first visit to India?
Ans. It is my fifth visit to India. I visited India for the first time in 1964 when I was living in Hong Kong. There we stayed for one year. After that we were staying in Boston where I was teaching history in the School Museum of Fine Arts. Now we have moved to New York.

Q. Tell about your experiences in India?
Ans. I love India. It is just wonderful. The people are friendly. I like the traditional wear of the people of Rajasthan and I am obsessed by the jewellery they wear.

Q. How do you like the education system here?
Ans. I feel it is superior than the other American schools. There is no question of competition. The education here is much better.

Q. Who inspired you to empower a girl child?
Ans. I was extremely touched by the lowered role of women in Asia. Many are trying to empower them and develop them in different fields. I honor everyone who is trying to empower girls. When my friend Ms. Bim Bissell asked me to contribute I was thrilled with the idea that I have got a real opportunity and so I started donating for a girl child and fulfilling her dreams.

Point of View
Rumors can destroy a person's self-confidence and can affect their self-esteem. It can also lead to eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, it can ruin reputation, disaffect friends and a host of other issues. Why don't people understand, why can't they let live his own life, why can't they let a person do the things he want to do, the person gets sick of being followed and start hurting himself. No one has the right to talk about anyone's personal right or you can't make any wrong comments without knowing the reality. 
My advice for you all is: - Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots.
- Shraddha Kansara (Class XI)
Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.   

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