The School Weekly - 10th November 2014

Weather in Bali is increasingly getting cooler. Days are still warm, while evenings are turning a little bit colder but there is no sign of winter arriving as yet! During the week scattered cumulus clouds could be seen but they did not bring the temperature down. Highest temperature recorded was 31°C and lowest temperature recorded was 18°C. Humidity was at 32%.The wind direction from N to NE at 10 km/hr.
Saturday, 8th November: In the Social Service League Lakshit Mathur/XII, Manish Paliwal/VII, Maheep Ozja/IX, Ragvendra Singh/VII, Kushagra Singh/XI, Mohammed Taukeer/VIII, Ramlal Choudhary/VIII, Narendra Choudhary/VI, Virendrapal Singh/VIII, Akhayraj Singh/VIII, Mehul Sehua/IX and Jagdish Paliwal/VII filled flowerbeds with mud brought from the jungle. They will put winter flowers here next under the guidance of Mr. Surendra Singh and Mr. Dinesh Bharti. Thank You Students
Friday, 7th November: Annual Day practices are in full swing. After the lunch break all the participants go to their respective exhibitions to work with their teachers, while actors to their directors.

Saturday, 8th November: Due to Annual Day practices Saturday observed the school from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Instead of regular activities school was abuzz with Annual Day practices.

Inter-House Skit and Dance Competition was organized.
Red House: Eve-Teasing.
Green House: The first step of innocence (on ragging)
Blue House: The Precious Gift.
Yellow House: The evils of Society

The judges for the skit competition were Mr. Surendra Singh/PTI, Mr.Byju P. Joseph/AD and Mrs.Veena Solanki/parents and LMC Member.
Yellow House:    I
Green House:      II
Red House:         III

The Students of Class III to VI showed their talent in dancing. Their performance was really appreciable.
Green House:       I
Red House:          II
Yellow House:     III

The judges for the dance competition were Mrs. Veena Solank/LMC Member, Mrs. Bharti Rao/AC and Mr. Sandeep Singh/IT Incharge.

Oh God Corruption
In this time,
Let the Sun shine,
Because it's the only thing
Which reaches us on time
Without any fine,
Because in its way
No one is corrupted

In the world,
No one can be trusted
Because everyone is corrupted.
People do not get their pensions.
Officers show some tensions.

In the greed to get some ransom
Even the education system is corrupted,
Admissions without donations are unrestricted
First, money was the basic need
People now let the money talk
Instead of the talent to rock.

Oh, God corrupted
Please guide someone
To dust the corruption
Corruption is like the black
Dot on the moon
Which will soon
Cover the entire moon
Hema Choudhary/XII

हे जवान,
करता हूँ मैं तुझे सलाम।
तू है हमारा रक्षक,
तूने मिटाए कितने भक्षक।

माँ माना इस धरती को तूने,
दे दिया बलिदान।
गोली खाई सीने में ,
अपनाई देश भक्ति की राह।

हे जवान,
है तू बड़ा महान
फ़ौज में होते हो भर्ती छोड़कर मोह-माया,
तपते हो तुम धूप में देकर हमको छाया।
जहाँ तुम्हें याद करेगा,

करेगी ये जमीन।
तुम बॉर्डर पर मरते हो,
देकर हमें चैन की नींद।

हे जवान,
करता हूँ मैं तुझे सलाम।
Priyank Rathod/IX A
Sunday, 2nd November: Four students (Harshita Dalawat, Damini Chouhan, Silvi Mehta and Aditi Singh) of Class X appeared in NTSE Examination 2014, at Bangur School, Pali.

Thursday, 6th November: Though school was closed for Guru Nanak Jayanti but participants and staff came to practice and work for exhibition.

The construction of stage is in full swing. Actors can be seen eyeing the stage often because they will be the first one to inaugurate it!

School wishes Mr. Atul Bhatt (Manager Finance and Admin) a very speedy recovery and get well soon wishes after his operation of kidney removal.
Publisher: The Principal, The Fabindia School, Bali
Staff Editors: Ms Bharti Rao, Ms Deepika Bhatt, Mr. K.G. Dave, Mr. Dinesh Bharti, Ms Usha Pawar
Editor in Chief: Kushagra Singh, Santosh Paliwal
Senior Editor: Vaishali Rao, Aditya Kansara, Silvi Mehta
Art Editor: Kushagra Singh, Vaishali Rao
Correspondents: Kritika Mansion, Bhanupratap Singh,  Priyank Rathod, Adityapratap Singh, Jaswant Singh, Khushi Rao, Nikhil Soni
Photography: Bajrang Singh, Tanvi Parmar, Mr Kanik Goyal   
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