The School Weekly - 17th November 2014

Weather in Bali is increasingly getting cooler. Winter is slowly stepping in. Nights have become colder and days are cooler. During the week it was cloudy. Days were pleasant with sunshine. On Wednesday and Thursday it became misty too. Temperatures have begun to slide. Night temperatures have come down to 10°C. While day temperature stayed at 31°C. Humidity was at 35%. Wind direction was from N to NE at 8 km/hr.
Picture from the school archives
Monday, 10th November to Saturday, 15th November: Annual Day practices are in full swing. The students have been busy in preparing for exhibitions. The campus is abuzz with hectic activity and cheer in preparation for school exhibitions. Thanks to those students who have made all the props for plays. Some volunteers were also seen painting the hut, trees and the well.
Friday, 14th November: Children’s Day was celebrated a Special Assembly where the Ms. Kavitha Deora shared the difference between International Children’s Day (1st June) and India Children’s Day (14th November). It was fun to hear all teachers pay compliments to their classes. They also gave a message to their respective classes, like you must study hard; you must not be naughty you ought to participate in all activities. Few teachers thanked them for the lessons that they have learnt while teaching them. All the students were looking beautiful and cute in their civilians. Refreshments were distributed to students. This made them as happy!

Photo courtesy Neha Parmar
Oh star! You are always shining
And also very good in twinkling.
Oh star! I don’t know what you are
Because you are so far.

Oh star! Please shine again and again
When everyone sleep only you remain.
Oh star! You looks very beautiful
When sky is peaceful.

Oh star! You are so lovable
And your brothers are uncountable.
Oh star! Your family have many members
That are difficult to count in numbers.

Oh star! Always see me in night
With your eyes like bright light.
Oh star! I always send you a card of greeting
For your and my meeting.
Aditya Pratap Singh/IX
Friday, 14th November: On the occasion of Children’s Day a friendly cricket match was played between, teachers and students. Student won team. The student’s team gave a target of 97 runs to the teacher’s team and in return teacher’s team scored only 79 runs.
Monday, 10th November: Since Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) exams are to be held on Thursday 20th November, amid all hyper activity Class IX was coached by Mr. Ajay Vijaywargi throughout the week. School wishes its students All the Best!

Mrs Parineeta Ranpal third from left with the LMC
Condolence Meeting
The School observed 1 minute silence on Monday, 17th November to pay homage to the departed soul of Ms. Parineeta Ranpal (2006-2013). Head Girl Prachi Agarwal/XII and the Head Boy Naushad Ali Sayed/XII and staff poignantly narrated their experiences  with the Ex-Principal Ms. Parineeta Ranpal.  
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