The School Weekly - 3rd November 2014

Bali is experiencing pleasant to moderate weather with pleasanter mornings than before. Highest temperature recorded was at 35°C and lowest at 18°C. Humidity was 41%. The direction of the wind was NE at 6 MPH.
Due to Cyclone Nilopher, the sky was over crowded with cumulus clouds. Throughout the week, students hoped for rains but it did drizzled.

Tuesday, 28th October: School observed half day due to teachers’ training on CCE from CBSE empanelled person Mr. Bappa Ranjan from S. Chand Publishers. Teachers from St Paul’s School, Shri Sela also  participated.
Thursday, 30th October: Social Service League organized cleanliness drive where Class VI and VII picked up rags and pulled out weeds. Thank you students!
Saturday, 1st November: On Saturday too Class VII B did a wonderful job. They filled sand in the flower beds that they had dug previous week The students who did this great work were Meet Soni/VII B, Ankit Kumar/VII B, Chandra Shekhar Soni/VII B, Dinesh Choudhary/VII B, Sonaram/VII B, Narayan Devasi/VII B, Gaurav Rajpurohit/VII B and Shubhash Suthar/VII B. Thank you students!
A book is a friend
A book has no end

A book is a tale
Which does not let you fail

Its pages have got
A number of thoughts

That does not use knife
But deals with life

It is a book
Who by its recipes makes you cook

It is like a big rocket
That fits in your pocket
Priyank Rathod/IX A

The Exchange
This trip to Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls School Jaipur was a very enriching experience for me and for my friends. From this school we came to know what life is once you live away from home. How one has to make decisions all alone- without help of parents. We observed many new things about science and technology. We also learnt about astronomy. We also adopted many kinds of good habits like waking up early morning and having our food with discipline. We learnt the value of music in our life from Mr. Vishal Bhatt. The students of MGD school were friendly by nature, so we easily connected with them. There were about 4000 students and about 150 teachers. The best thing that I like was that the whole school live like a joint family. Thus it was a lifetime experience and we will never forget this trip.
Krithika Mansion/IX A

Exchange Program at Maharani Gayatri Devi School, Jaipur (October 12 to October 18, 2014)
Schools are an amazing place to learn. However old one turns, one can never stop learning. This is how I felt when I escorted 7 girls on an Exchange Programme to MGD.

We stayed at one of the oldest and finest school established by Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur, Maharani Gayatri Devi School.

The seven day program was full of enthusiasm, discoveries, experiences, fun and frolic. It was a great learning experience for both the Escort Teacher and students.

They were made to stay in the hostel of the school to know better about the hostel life of girls. They visited entire school campus and saw different rooms for every activity like music room, art and craft room, astronomy room etc. They were also allocated the evening time to play sports with the hostellers. The MGD school provides its students with 12 varieties of sports like swimming, cricket, karate, basketball etc. Every girl from The Fabindia School was given an opportunity to select a game of her choice and play with their buddies. They had a fixed routine for everyday. Right from Assembly, which was a fun exercise, where students prayed to God along with getting updated with the latest happenings around the globe.

Our girls also had an opportunity to study and attend classes and experience audio-visual lectures, to which they were quite new. They attended various in-school activities. First, they learnt how to design their own constellation out of their name. Girls also attended the craft workshop where they made articles out of clay. They learnt to make some beautiful decorative items out of clay. They attended cookery classes conducted by their buddies, where they learnt to cook some healthy food items like baked vegetables, fruit items along with understanding the basics of cooking.

The seven day program was so designed to enable our girls to experience hostel life as well as life in a big city like Jaipur and the study pattern at a world class school. Their efforts were applauded and appreciated. They also got a chance to meet Maharani Vidya Devi and go for sight- seeing in Jaipur to witness some of the historical and beautiful tourist spots. Overall, it ended to be one of the greatest learning experience for all.
Mrs. Sharmila Vijayvargi
Saturday, 1st November: A friendly cricket match was organized for the students of Class VIII to XII. They played with great passion and interest. The audience enjoyed a lot. Students of Class I to V saw a regular activity day. Sir Tony Lobo gave his music lessons to the kids. He is preparing songs for Classes I to V. Remedials have been put on hold till 21st November in order to prepare for the Annual Day. From now on during Remedial students and teachers will work in their respective departments for their exhibition and programmes.
Thursday, 16th October: Class I A and B visited The St. Paul's School Church as part of their concept building chapter in EVS on kinds of worship places. Students came back disappointed as they went with the hope of meeting the Santa! But the sister has invited them to return in December to meet him!

CCE Workshop
CCE Workshop was conducted in the School Campus on Monday, 27th October and Tuesday, 28th October for our school teacher and S. Paul’s School teachers. Thirty two teachers attended the workshop. The resource person was Mr. Bappa Ranjan Dey from Assam. Its main objective was to improve each student learning trhough stimulating and stress free-ways. The workshop mainly emphasized on Co-scholastic areas. Tools and techniques of Assessment were given. Examples were shown on how to make Anecdotal Records. CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) is an ongoing process which is carried out all through academic year. The teachers were divided into groups and a number of activities were carried out to show the importance of team-work. In this two days workshop the teachers learnt a lot about Formative Assessment and how to carry it out in all the classes. Many doubts were cleared and in the end it proved to be a useful workshop and a great learning experience of how to conduct and assess Formatives in the class.
Mrs. Bharti Rao
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