The School Weekly - 23rd February 2015

Due to hot afternoons students have stopped wearing sweaters. Students have started using fans in the classes. The whole week round, the sky was clear and mostly sunny. Autumn is here early.  School campus is covered with dry leaves. Due to bright sunshine in the morning the Assembly has been shifted from the stage to the ground between Block I and II. Wind velocity was 3 km/hr. Highest temperature was around 32°C and minimum was at 19°C. Humidity stood at 27%.
Saturday, 21st February: According to CBSE notice Matrabhasiya Diwas (Mother- tongue Day) was celebrated in the school. A number of activities were carried out in the classes. Students sang songs in different languages of the country.

Achu A. K./IX sang a song in Malyalam
Radhika Singh/IX sang a folk song in Marwari
Silvi Metha/X and Muskan Rathod/VIII sang a bhakti song in Gujarati
Pooja Dutta/X sang a folk song in Marwari
Anish Solanki/V sang a bhajan in Marwari
Avinash Sain/VII spoke on language Marathi in Marathi
Devendra Kunwar/X, Prachi Soni/X, Krishna Choudhary/X, Urvashi Joshi/X and Ms. Prerna Rathod sang a Marathi folk song.
Mimansha Kunwar/X spoke dialogues in Marwari
Ms. Deepika Bhatt spoke dialogues in Gadwalli
Mr. Dinesh Bharti & Mr. Krishn Gopal Dave sang a folk song in Marwari
जिंदगी जी ले मेरे भाई
अब मत खेल तू छुप्पम-छिपाई
आँधी आएगी ,तूफान भी आएगा ,
तब तू दुनिया छोड़ चला जाएगा।  

जिंदगी  आज है कल ना हो ,
जिंदगी छोड़ तुम चलते बनो।
अपने लिए ना जीकर दूसरों के लिए जियो ,
जिंदगी के दुःख दर्द आपस में पीयो।

लेकिन कुछ लोग ,गलत ही समझते है
कहते है चार दिन की है चाँदनी ,
हम तो उड़ाएँगे अपनी आमदनी ,
कर लेंगे सब शौक पूरे ,
हम तो है  खानदानी।

लेकिन कौन उनको  समझाए ,
हमने जिंदगी जीने के  लिए कहा
बेवज़ह पैर कुएँ में मत फँसा ।
जिंदगी आती है और जाती है
इसी कारण से ही तो दुनिया पछताती है।
Bhanu Pratap Singh/IX B

I love the nature
Because God is its creature .
Nature is unique
In which bird sing tunes
When I want to see colour
I see the nature’s jewels
The nature is all natural
Because nothing is artificial
In nature there are many plants and birds
As a big herd.
Aditya Pratap/IX A
Tuesday, 17th February: Nine students, Vaishali Rao/XI, Kushagra Singh/XI, Anshul Choudhary/VIII, Suryaveer Singh/VIII, Ajaypal Meena/VII, Dependra Singh/VII, Dhruv Ojha/VII, Harshvardhan Singh/VII, Mateen Tak/VII escorted by Ms. Usha Panwar our Art and Craft teacher, They will attend regular school and, went on a week exchange to The Scindia School, Gwalior. They have gone to learn paper mache, tie & dye, carpentry, stone carving etc. The students will stay with the students in the boarding  houses and and experience residential school life. Their new routine would be waking up in the morning, have breakfast in Dining Hall; attend classes; lunch; sports; afternoon hobby classes; prep and dinner. They will return on 23rd February.

Thursday, 19th February: The Edu-Global English Olympiad was held in the month of January. Students who participated in this Exam were given certificates and two students won gold medals.

  1. Anumesh Rao/VI B Secured 84% and Second Position in State (Won a gold medal &Certificate).
  2. Axita Soni/II B Secured 76% and Fourth Position in State (Won a gold medal & Certificate).
  3. Jeenal Sirvi/II B Secured 68% (Certificate).
  4. Prayagraj Singh/II B Secured 56% (Certificate).
  5. Manjeet Mansion/VI B Secured 52% (Certificate).

Friday, 20th February: Thirty eight students of Classes VIII, IX and X had participated in the Green Olympiad organized by TERI in the month of September. Today all the students received certificate of participation.

Aditya Kansara/X B and Khusbhoo Rajpurohit/X B  secured 60% in this examination.
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