The School Weekly - 9th February 2015

Weather in Bali has suddenly changed. It has become cool. Mornings and evenings are cold, but the days have become hot with bright sunshine. Some of the students have stopped using their sweaters. On Monday, it was a little cold but now from Thursday, the cold has started decreasing. It seems as if winter will soon go away.SE winds blew at 19 km/ hr
School instruments recorded:  Maximum  25°C
                                                 Minimum  15°C
                                                 Humidity   31%
Ms. Vimmy Rajpurohit's Interview
(Ed: Editor; V.R: Vimmy Rajpurohit)
Ed: What is your name?
V.R: Vimmy Rajpurohit.
Ed: What is your qualification?
V.R: MBA and Masters in Journalism and Mass communication.
Ed: In which year and class did you join the school?
V.R: I joined the school in 1998 and in class 1st.
Ed: Who was the Principal at the time?
V.R: Mr. Vishnu Kant was the Principal of the school.
Ed: How many students were in your class and out of them how many were girls?
V.R: In my class there were 20 students in and from them 7 were girls.
Ed: How many buses were there?
V.R: There was only 1 bus and 2 jeeps in the school, and then we had 1 mini bus and two big buses.
Ed: What inspired you to join the school now?
V.R: This school has given a lot, my sweet memories of the school, Teachers who taught me, everything inspired me to be a part of it.
Ed: What are the changes that you see in the school and what changes you want in the school?
V.R: The school has developed a lot not only in sports or study but also in different fields. The school has more facilities, new blocks, more classes, more teachers, and more number of students over all a good school.  The environment of the school is now more beautiful.
Ed: How you like it now?
V.R: Every day I am more and more in love with the school.
Ed: Will you continue teaching in the school?
V.R: Yes, I would love to be the part of the school and do all what I can for the school.
Ed: How would you like to see the school in the future years?
V.R: I want the school to be first choice of all the parents. It should be the best school in the near by area.
Kushagra Singh/XI Science, Vaishali Rao/XI Commerce
Wednesday, 4th February: Certificates and medals were awarded to the students who had participated in the Global Math Olympiad (GMO) and Global Science Olympiad (GSO) which had been organised in the month of November and December. Thirty students were awarded certificates for participation in GMO and nine students in GSO. Out of thirty students three students also won gold medals as they secured 64% and eighth rank in the state based on percentage. The three winning students were:
Dhruv Ojha/VII A 
Jitendra Chipa/VII A 
Dipendra Singh/VII A
Saturday, 7th February: Nine students of Class X and XI participated in the Inter School Drawing Competition organised by the Interio Academy (Institute of Interior Designing) . Thirty Schools of the surrounding areas participated in this competition. The students drew beautiful pictures and their creativity and imagination was put down on the paper. The participants were: Aditya Kansara/XB, Pooja Solanki/XA, Damini Chouhan/XA, Blessy Maria/XB, Vaishali Rao/XI, Bajrang Singh/XI, Mamta Chouhan/XI, Neeraj Panwar/XI and Khushagra Singh/XI. Prize distribution ceremony took place on Sunday. Students of the School bagged first and second position and two consolation prizes.
Aditya Kansara/X B: I (Awarded 10gm Silver medal, Certificate & Drawing Kit )
Pooja Solanki/X A: II (Awarded 7.5gm Silver medal, Certificate & Drawing Kit )
Consolation Prizes: Blessy Maria/X B (Awarded Certificate, Drawing Kit & Mementos)
Damini Chouhan/X A: (Awarded Certificate, Drawing Kit & Mementos)
Rest of the participants received certificates, brochures and mementos for participation.

Use Of Vehicles In India
Today as the population of India is increasing rapidly, vehicles are becoming a basic need for the people. But this need is only for people above the age of 18 years, but nowadays children are also using it for their enjoyment. Our government never gives permission to children to use vehicles. We can see many people riding bikes and scooters without helmets which is illegal. In our country the ratio of accidents is increasing day by day. Everyday we see and hear news of accidents. Today China has more population than us but yet the ratio of accidents in China is less than India because of the proper traffic rules that people follow. Our government has made many rules regarding road safety. But people are not interested in following rules. They do not understand that breaking the rules is illegal, but when they are caught by the police and meet with an accident, at that time only the feel the importance of rules.
Mukesh Choudhary/IX A

Discipline means to do correctly or to follow rules. Discipline is very necessary whether it is at school, home, office, etc because there everyone has to make progress and to do work properly.
Absence of discipline is harmful for others. Discipline should come from heart. It is necessary for every person. A disciplined man is admired and liked by everyone. The life of great man are examples of discipline like Mahatma Gandhi who was a disciplined person. He was very great and achieved  his goal, only because of disciplined life. One should obey the rules and regulation. This is necessary for man to develop, grow and to progress.
Aditya Pratap/IX A
Saturday, 7th February: Finals of the Inter House Badminton Doubles Match took place between Teresa House and Gandhi House. Gandhi House defeated Teresa House and secured first position and Teresa House came second. Teams were as follows:
Gandhi House: Pooja Dutta/X B and Richa Solanki/IX B
Teresa House: Krishna Choudhary/X A and Lavina Champawat/X A
Matches for third position have yet to be organised which may be in the next week.
Report: MGD Girls Exchange Program in Bali
The MGD students arrived in Bali on 6th February escorted with their teacher Mrs. Pawan Darbari. They were welcomed by Ms. Bharti Rao and Ms Rajeshwari Rathore at the Falna Railway station. Then they straightway went to the Sevari Farm House where they are staying. On Saturday they visited the school and nearby places. Firstly they went to the industrial area and saw the manufacturing of umbrellas. Then they  went to Dantiwara and experienced Organic Farming. They were excited to see the historical fort of Bali, from Dantiwara they went to the Bali Fort and were extremely happy after the visit. They enjoyed a lot with our teachers Mrs. Bharti Rao, Mrs Aysha Tak, Mrs Rajeshwari Rathore and three of our girls Silvi Mehta/XB, Tanvi Parmar/VIII and Vaishali Rao/XI. They all together captured each and every beautiful moment.
Monday, 2nd February: Today the Pre Boards of Class X started. They were tensed and concerned about their Pre Boards. The day was as regular, everybody else except Class X were busy with their regular lessons.

Tuesday, 3rd February: It was the second day of Pre Boards. Classes of first to fifth started their Formative Assessment. Other classes had their regular lessons.
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