The School Weekly - 16th February 2015

Looking at the temperatures it seems summer is not far behind. With plummeting temperatures and increasing differences in day and night temperatures, Swine Flue is taking its toll on human life. Students are warned to watch for cold and bad throat symptoms. Due to hot afternoons there is cloud cover in the mornings, though they clear off with the rising sun. Wind velocity was 4Km/Hr. Highest temperature was around 32°C and minimum at 16°C. Humidity stood at 49%.
Monday, 9th February: Exchange students Angela Williams, Rashi Sharma, Surbhi Mayach, Kirti Singh, Pankhudi Jain and Saniya Agarwal and their escort teacher Ms. Pawan Darbari from Maharani Gayatri Devi School, gave their introduction and sung their school song for Fabindia students. Escorted by some of our students, they were given a tour of both campuses.
In the evening cultural night and dinner which was organized for the Guest School girls. The Fabindian girls put up a Rajasthani folk dance and the MGD Girls put up a dance on the theme “Save Girl Child”. Our girls had prepared a group dance on “Morni Baga Ma”. Mr. Arif and his family were special invitees besides other staff members. Since dinner tool a bit long students played Antrakshri to while away their time. No one seemed in a mood to leave even after dinner. Their escorts had to push them into buses to be back at Sewari Farm House.

Tuesday, 10th February: Marked the last day of the MGD girls; they shared their experience of The Fabindia School of best lived five days. The farewells were bid in tears and endless hugs; promises of returning and catching up. It was an extremely rewarding experience for Fabindia students as this was their first exchange with an Indian school. Thank you Principal MGD School, Mrs Suniti Sharma for sending your students to be with us.
Kirti Singh: My experience is fabulous. It was the first time that I had traveled by train, I suffered in the train with my breath high and low simultaneously. Bali is such an amazing place and so is the school and you guys. I will ‘MISS U ALL’
Angela N. Williams: My experience here was just awesome. I love it here and I don’t wanna leave!! I am gonna miss everyone. I am glad I got on the train. Will visit soon! With lots of love
Surbhi Mayach: You all are just awesome and I will never forget you! Love you lots! Miss you people! Come to Jaipur for an Exchange program. Will miss all of you a lot!

दोस्ती है क्या !
रिश्ता या बंधन ?
नाम है अपनेपन का ,
रिश्ता है ,
अधुरेपन का।    
सहयोग है विश्वास का ,
नाम है
आत्मविश्वास का ,
खेल है
खिलौनों का
मेल है दिलों  का
एहसास है ,
कदमों का
बाधा है
मंजिलों की।
दर्द की दवा है
मर्ज़ का हल है।
निभाने का रिश्ता है
रखने वाला फ़रिश्ता है
स्वार्थ, छल, कपट ना हो
ऐसा पवित्र बंधन है।
Suryaveer Singh/VIII A

Tuesday, 10th February: The school campus saw Board members, distinguished guests and trustees arrive for the Budget Board Meeting.

School held its first formal and a serious Inter House Debate Competition. Chairperson Prateek Udawat/XII Commerce conducted the whole debate with confidence and control. Students seemed to have worked a lot on preparing their debates as all seemed too prepared to refute the other’s points. Classes VIII to XII were the audience the rest of the classes attended regular time table. Special Guests for the debate were Ms. Sukey Wagner (Jackson Wagner’s grandmother) and Ms. Ayellette Janesse JBSF donor and a cousin of Late John Bissell. After the debate Class XI, IX, VIII students presented a Rajasthani folk dance for the special guests. Mr. Arif Samma, Mr. Atul Bhatt and Mr. Jackson Wagner judged the debate.

I       Gandhi House
II      Raman House
III     Teresa House

I Khushboo Punmiya/XII/Raman House
II Shradda Kansara/XII/Gandhi House
III Pooja Dutta/X/Gandhi House 
Wednesday, 11th February: Inter House Badminton (singles) took place between Gandhi House and Dhyanchand House. Doubles took place between Dhyanchand house and Raman House.
I Gandhi House
II Dhyanchand House
III Raman House

BEST PLAYER: Vaishali Rao/XI Commerce

RESULTS: (Doubles)
I Gandhi House
II Teresa House
III Dhyanchand House
Friday, 13th February: Counseling was organized for parents to guide them and counsel them as to how to judge their wards and guide them in order to choose subjects for Class XI. Dr. Shipra Vajpei (a freelance counselor from Jaipur) took three hour session with parents. Out of 77 students 25 parents attended the workshop. At great length parents were detailed on what all options can be had for jobs through the streams chose now. Besides science and commerce they w.ere explained how arts has a wider range of jobs for students today. Parents asked a lot of questions regarding their child’s capability.
Saturday, 14th February: Class X attended their session. They were made to answer some High Order Thinking Skills questions. They were given games and exercises that judged their decision making skills and showed a bend towards certain areas of subjects. They enjoyed these sessions to such an extent that they wanted Dr. Shipra Vajpei to come again as this session had helped them in knowing themselves.
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