The School Weekly - 12th October 2015

October has begun with a slight nip in the air in early mornings and late evenings.
Days are unbearably hot, even though it’s time for winter to set in.
Weather Vitals:
Lowest: 240C
Highest: 370C
Humidity: 19%
Wind: 19 km/hr SW
Happiness is going to school!
Partner in crime,
Together forever,
A lemon and lime.

Normal as can be,
Love you always,
Special to me,

A rock star kid,
Good times and bad,
Astonishing charges,
You are trending afraid.

Special needs if you please,
But retarded that word never,
Should you speak.

A heart of gold,
One unusual soul,
A special young man, so very bold,

Looking for friends,
The words just don’t seem right,
This is not very fair,
Seemingly cannot take flight.

He is my little brother.
He means the world to me.
He can call him autistic but
He will always be the sugar in my tea.
Shivraj Chouhan/XA/TH
जबसे डाला है रंग तुमने अपना,
अपने कजरारे नैनों से,
मैं तो खड़ी खड़ी भीग गयी,
कान्हा की मुस्कान से।

मैं तो श्याम तेरी हु दीवानी,
नई नई हूँ या समझो पुरानी,
रंग ही रंग गई हूँ,
नई कोई चाहत नहीं इस जीवन में।

खेलू होली ,नाचू रास तेरे संग में,
गाय चराऊ वन जंगल, घुमू फिरू,
यमुना तट पर बेथ कदम्ब की डाली,
सो जाऊ तेरी मूरली की धून मैं।

बेथ सजाऊ घर आँगन दिनेश अपना,
लटकाऊ घघरी भर कर माखन,
बैठी हूँ आस लगाए ,देख रही हु राह,
कब आयेगे मेरी चौखट,माखन चोर मेरे साजन।
Nikhil Soni/X/TH
ए मुकद्दर ......
इतनी देर न कर ....
कि सूरज ढल जाये।
रास्ता  पलट - पलट ना देख .....
कहीं तू रास्ता भटक न जाए।
ज़िन्दगी से लुका छिप्पी ना खेल,
जिसे ढूँढता है
कहीं ओझल न हो जाए।
औरों पे इतना ना हँस
कि अपना रोना भूल जाए।
और इतना अपने पे ना रो,
कि औरों के साथ हँसाना भूल जाए।
इतना ऊपर न  देख ....
की नीचे ठोकर खा जाए।
और इतना नीचे भी न देख ....
कि लक्ष्य हीन हो जाए।
मुसाफिर है तू मुकद्दर ....
जीना तेरा काम।
इतनी जल्दी न कर,
कि किसी का साथ छूट जाए।
ए मुकद्दर
इतनी देर न कर
की सूरज ढल जाये
Amazing  Facts
Gorillas can catch a human cold and other illness.
Ostriches can run faster than horses, and the male ostriches can roar like lions.
The bat is the only mammal that can fly.
Some male songbirds sing more than 2000 times each day.
Alligators can live up to 100 years.
The female lion does 90% of the hunting.
Krishika Ojha/IX/RH
For Class I to V
Which is the largest animal in the world?
Which is the largest animal on land?
Which is the biggest continent in the world?
Which is the largest bone in the human body?
Which is the biggest flower in the world?
Which is the tallest waterfall in the world?

For Class VI to XII
Which is the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth?
Which is the first sports car made in India?
Which country has the longest border?
On which day, International Day of Older Person is celebrated?
Which is the biggest underground railway network?
Tanvi Parmar/IX/ RH
Answers of the Riddles
1. Fire 2. Wind  3.Shell   4.Time. 5. Waterfall.
Saturday, 10th October: IH Basketball (Boys) Match for students of Class VI-XI. The first match was between Raman House and Gandhi House. Raman House won to reach Final. The second match was between Teresa House and Dhyanchand House. Dhyanchand  House won to reach Final. The hard-line match was between Gandhi House and Teresa House.
Raman House I
Dhyanchand House II
Gandhi House III
The rest of the School observed an Activity Day. Class XII had regular school. Orchestra Band went for practice for the commencing Annual Day to Mr. Prakash Dangi, Music Teacher.
DEAR Program conducted in all classes. Practices for the commencing Annual Day started.
Wednesday, 7th October: GK. The quiz conducted in Assembly by Tanvi Parmar/IX/RH.
Dear Program conducted in all classes.
Friday, 9th October: Inter House English Essay Writing Competition organized for Class VI-XII. The competition was for two groups: Junior Section: Class VI-VIII, Senior Section: Class IX-XII.
Junior Section:
Nature- A pure gift of God
What if I would be my class teacher
My Country is my soul.
Senior Section:
Declining of Moral Values
Discipline-A requisite of Good Schools
Each and every student of Class VI-XII participated in the Competition. They did a fantastic job. Everyone wrote beautiful essays exhibiting their creativity and skill in writing.
Should Remedial Classes Be Conducted or Not?

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