The School Weekly - 11th April 2016

The School is experiencing a hot, bright and sunny weather. Students prefer to play under the shade of trees due to the sunny weather. Highest temperature recorded was at 40°C and lowest at 26°C. Humidity was at 20% and the wind blew at 10km/hr.
Wednesday, 6th April: Lemon Juice Activity was organized for Pre Primary students. Lemon Juice was made and the students had refreshing drink and had a lot of fun.
Saturday, 9th April: The Fabindia School held its second prestigious Investiture Ceremony on 9th April with great gusto, enthusiasm and pride. The Investiture Ceremony marked a significant beginning of the new Academic Session 2016-17. It was a solemn occasion where the young students were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted to them by the school. The Ceremony began at 8.30 AM. Mr. Sandeep Dutt, Chairman BAT had kindly consented to honour us as the Chief Guest for the occasion. He was escorted by Principal Ms. Deepika Tandon, to the OAT where the ceremony was to be held. Before the inception of the Investiture Ceremony, The Principal declared that to remove gender disparity it has been decided that the School will have only School Captain, instead of Head Girl and Head Boy. The School Captain will represent the School irrespective of its gender. Then The Principal declared the inception of the Investiture Ceremony. After it the Oath Ceremony of the Student Council took place. Their names were announced by the Principal. Each student marched smartly to the stage with her/his respective School/House Flag to take the Oath. The Students Council willingly and positively promised to do their best to represent school. After the Oath Ceremony the Chief Guest presented the Student’s Council with sashes and badges. The Secretary and Joint Secretary of the Clubs and Societies were also presented with badges by Ms. Deepika Tandon and Mr. Deepak Tandon The Investiture Ceremony concluded with lot of hope and aspirations for our future leaders. It was a memorable occasion for the young leaders as they looked forward to a new and enriching Academic Session. The event was a great success with the participation of all students, teachers and admin staff; without whom it would have not been so impactful.

The Student Council
School Captain: Blessy Maria/XII Sci.
Teresa House
Captain: Nikhil Soni /XI
Vice-Captain: Muskan Rathod /X
Joint Secretary: Rakesh Suthar/IX
Gandhi House
Captain: Richa Solanki/XI
Vice Captain: Chandresh Choudhary/X
Joint Secretary: Anirudh Singh/IX
Dhyanchand House
Captain: Shashank Singh /XI
Vice-Captain: Suryaveer Singh /X
Joint Secretary: Kinjal Rao /IX
Raman House
Captain: Maharaj Singh /XI
Vice-Captain: Chanchal Choudhary /X
Joint Secretary: Mateen Tak /IX
Office Bearers
English Literary Society
Secretary: Bhumika Nagar/XI
Joint Secretary: Bhagyashree Mewara /X
Hindi Literary Society
Secretary: Manmanvendra Singh/XJoint Secretary: Khushi Malviya / IX
Math Literary Society
Secretary: Jaswant Singh /IX
Joint Secretary: Akheraj Singh /X
Science Literary Society
Secretary: Gajendra Singh/IX
Joint Secretary: Diksha Choudhary/ VIII
Eco Club
Secretary: Rajveer Rathore/XI
Joint Secretary: Amrut Choudhary/XI
Page to Stage Club
Secretary: Chanchal Solanki / X
Joint Secretary: Avinash Sain / IX
Computer Club
Secretary: Manjeet Mansion/ VIII
Joint Secretary: Vinod Choudhary / VIII
Social Service League
Secretary: Pradhuman Singh /X
Joint Secretary: Ajaypal Meena/IX
Photography Club
Secretary: Koushik Soni / XI
Joint Secretary: Ichchhuk Soni /X
Editorial Board
Chief Editors: Kirti Malviya/X / Divya Chundawat/ X

Heartiest Congratulations to the Student Council and Office Bearers for the session 2016-17
After the Investiture Ceremony students went about their regular routine of an activity Saturday.
Monday, 4th April: The School has tied up with Sportify which is Comprehensive Sports Education Program who leverages best practices in Sports Education from the most developed nations across the globe. This program will enable school children to adopt sporting skills from an early age. This program is implemented by highly trained and professional Physical Education/ Sports Trainers. Two trainers Mr. Yashpal Singh Yogi and Mr. Vineet Kumar will train the students in martial arts, football and basketball. Mr. Yashpal Singh will stay for two weeks in the School, while Mr. Vineet Kumar will stay the whole year round to train the students in different fields of Sports.
Monday, 4th April: DEAR Program was conducted in all classes to enhance reading abilities. Classes welcomed new students in their respective classes.
Tuesday, 5th April: Inter Class English Essay Writing Competition was organized for students of Class I to XII to enhance their writing skill abilities. It was the first competition of the new Academic Term. The topic for the Senior Section was ‘Pollution’, Middle Section was ‘My Favourite Festival’ and for Primary Section was ‘My Best Friend’. Students wrote beautiful essays. Results awaited.
Thursday, 7th April: Special Assembly was organized on the occasion of World Health Day. Mr. Ajay Vijaywargi gave Assembly Talk. He told about Health and Sanitation. He also gave a speech on the importance of healthy life and how we can prevent our body from diseases.
Saturday, 18th April: School had its first Activity Saturday of the new term. In the first for an hour there was Inception of Investiture Ceremony. In the second hour there was Inception of Societies. Inter House English Handwriting Competition was organised for Classes I to V. Results awaited. In the third hour the Classes attended Sports Activities and Art & Craft Classes.
School welcomes Mr. Ashish Kumar Chaturvedi as our new Chemistry teacher and Mr. Rahul Rao as our new Physics teacher. School wishes them a rewarding time with us!
Music Room has been shifted to the Junior Campus. Staff Room has been shifted to its original place

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