The School Weekly - 18th April 2016


The FabIndia School was mentioned in Microsoft Worldwide's Showcase School Insights magazine:

Weather in Bali is becoming increasingly hot. The sun is shining bright all throughout the daytime. It has become difficult to go out during the afternoons. Students prefer to play indoor games due to the hot weather. Highest temperature recorded was at 39°C and lowest at 25°C. Humidity was at 19% and the wind blew at 13km/hr.
Solar Array is a very useful method to save electricity. As the school is situated in rural area, the School everyday has eight hours electricity cut off. This makes life miserable for the students and faculty to study and teach in the classrooms. The summer heat is unbearable. Work of Admin Staff stops due to electricity cut off. By installing Solar Array it has proved beneficial for the students, management and faculty.
All together 12KW Solar Panels have been installed. There are two solar panels in our school. They are installed on the third and seventh block. This solar energy is used by the whole school. All the tube lights and fans are now running on this electricity. Sometimes it is used for other purposes also. This solar panel has proved very beneficial for our school. Now all get cold RO water to drink.
This method not only saves electricity but also is Eco-Friendly. The School not only saves money but also electricity and uses sunlight in a useful manner. School runs for six hours and if there is abundant sunlight we can generate more electricity. This electricity can be provided to the Government which can be used by many more rural families who are not able to pay the electricity bills.
Thus solar array is a boon for all of us. We are grateful to the Madson family who raised funds and helped in installing the Solar Array. We are thankful to the Carson family, Madson family and all the American funders who have contributed for solar array.
Suryaveer Singh/X/DH
My best friend is my mother. My mother’s name is Panki Sirvi. Her favourite food is chapatti and vegetables and favourite colour is red. She loves me and my brother. She loves to eat grapes. She wears lehanga with odhni, traditional Rajasthani dress. She cooks tasty food. Her hair is long. She is very beautiful. She is good in Hindi. She takes care of me. Her mother’s name is Sakubai and father’s name is Chamnaramji. My mother is 32 years old and she likes to wear bangles. She is the best and also my best friend.
Meenakshi Sirvi/ V A/ DH
10 Strategies to Improve Your Math Grades

Many students and parents ask for pointers and techniques to best learn Math. Here are top-10 list which applies to any level of Math.
1) If you don't understand something, focus on mastering that topic before moving on to the next topic. For example. Further, let’s say he or she is having a hard time understanding how to add and subtract negative and positive numbers. All of us struggle with this in the beginning as it is a sticky point for most students. Some students in this situation, out of frustration that they "can't" learn this topic, will move on to the next lesson in the hope that they will be able to understand that one.
All math courses are taught in a specific sequence because the every topic builds on the previous topic. If you are having a problem with a topic, continue working with that one until you understand it and can work problems successfully. Read the book and examples a second time, or even get a totally different book to have it explained a different way...but whatever you do not turn the page and tackle the next topic. If you do, you will get even more frustrated and you in all likelihood will begin to give up hope.
2) Work example problems and check your answers to gain practice with every lesson. Read the section in your text book; begin working examples from the end of the chapter. Make sure to work the problems that have answers in the back of the book, and check every one. Always begin with the easiest problem in your book, even if you think it will be too "easy" to solve. It is very important to build your confidence.
3) When beginning to work a Math problem, do not "map out a path from problem-to-answer" in your head before writing anything down. Take Algebra for example. When a beginning student looks at an equation, he or she will be tempted to solve the equation in their head and not write anything down. Students are tempted to do this most often with Word Problems. Since a word problem is written in sentence form, it is common to think that you can "think your way to the answer". I will tell you that I never, ever, solve any sort of math problem without writing it down.
In other words, if you are solving an equation for example and you subtract "10" from both sides....write that down. Then in the NEXT step actually do that subtraction. Then if you need to divide both sides by "2" write THAT down...then in the NEXT step actually do the division. This gives you a paper trail to check your work and also it allows you to break the problem down in to bite sized chunks.
4) When you study and do homework, try to find a quiet place to do it. Try to find a quiet spot in your home or in the Library to get your schoolwork done and you will get your work done much more quickly because you'll be able to focus and absorb more.
5) If someone asks you for help, try to explain the topic to them as best you can. This one is going to seem a little odd for this list...but there is one universal truth. Those who can teach others have a true grasp of the material. Many times when studying in groups there will be one member of the group who is behind and doesn't "get it". Try to help that person, even if your own work will take longer. Not only will you feel like you are helping someone else succeed, but the process of rephrasing information back to someone else and breaking things down into bite sized chunks will increase your own understanding. It will help you understand at a fundamental level what the stumbling blocks are for the topic, which will help you as you move on in your math studies.
6) Never, ever work math problems in pen. This one is pretty simple. You will make a mistake; it is only a matter of time. When you do, you will want to completely erase your mistake and write over it. You will never, ever want to scratch something out and write next to the scratch-out. This will lead to a paper that is hard to read, and the scratch-outs will actually increase your anxiety about solving these problems. You want clean-neat paper with a clean well thought-out solution.
7) Try to use a mechanical pencil with separate eraser, if you can. Mechanical pencils have cleaner lines and the separate eraser allows you to erase more cleanly. Nothing is worse than making a mistake and trying to erase something then just smearing that all around your page. The cheap erasers will do this and make your life hard. Invest in a good mechanical pencil and a good separate eraser.
8) Keep your solutions neat and line-by-line. Always work problems vertically, with one step on every line. Never work horizontally. It may take more paper, but you will be able to follow your steps much more easily.
9) Don't work problems very late at night. Students have tried many, many times to do Calculus or Physics late at night, after 12 or 1am, but they are just doing themselves a disservice. They  stared at problems for hours because they just could not sleep until they knew how to solve it...then they finally fell asleep out of extreme fatigue...but when they woke up it just seemed so simple how to proceed with the problem. Also, they worked problems at night and got the wrong answer, and they knew that they must have a silly mistake in the solution. Students would usually set out to find it, but many times when they are tired they simply can't find the silly mistake. The next morning after about 5 minutes they could spot the simple sign error or even a simple multiplication error that caused the problem.
10) If the problem lends itself to it, draw a picture of the problem. This is most applicable for Trigonometry, Calculus, and Physics Students, but also applies to any word problem in basic math or algebra. Please do yourself a favor and draw a picture of what the problem is describing, even if your picture is simple.
Remember, there is no silver bullet in learning Math. It comes with taking things one step at a time and with practice. The tips above will help you along in your math studies, and give you confidence. And confidence is 100% the name of the game in learning any level of Math.
Math Department 
Facts and quotes
1. Mathematics’ may not teach us, how toad love and minus hate but teaches us that each problem has a solution.
2. Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computation but is about understanding.
3. The only way to learn math is to do math.
4. Zero (0) is the only number which cannot be represented by roman numerals.
5. Hero of math is zero because number multiplied by zero it became zero.
6. One is the god of math because it is present everywhere.
Saturday, 16th April: Inter House Lemon & Spoon Race was organized for the students of Primary Section. Each student of each class participated in the race. They had fun and enjoyed racing with the spoon and lemon in it. The students were divided into two groups: In the first group students were from Class I and II, in second the participants were from Class III, IV and V.
Results of IH Lemon & Spoon Race:
Group A: Class I & II
I Mohammad Anas Zai / II A/ RH
II Mahendra Dewasi / II B/ DH
III Kartik Chouhan / II B / GH
Group B : Class III, IV & V
I Om Prakash / V A/ RH
II Riya Vaishnav / VA/ DH
III Pushpa Choudhary / IV B/ GH
Monday, 11th April: DEAR Program was conducted in all classes. Special Assembly was held on occasion of Math Awareness Day. Mrs. Prerna Rathod gave an Assembly talk on this occasion. Suryaveer Singh/ X/ DH spoke on the importance of Math in our daily life. Muskan Rathod/ X/ TH recited a poem on ‘My favourite subject Math’. Akheraj Singh/ X/ GH spoke Facts of Math.
Tuesday, 12th April: Hindi Handwriting Activity was carried out in Class VI- VIII during their Hindi Lessons. Students wrote beautifully in their copies.
Wednesday, 13th April: Special Assembly was organized on the occasion of Jallianwala Massacre Day. Mrs. Kusum Sharma/ HOD So. St. gave an Assembly Talk on that day.
Saturday, 16th April: IH Math Tricks Competition was organized for the students of Class VI- XI (Senior Section). Two students of each house participated in the competition. They came up and showed different tricks to audience. Marks were awarded for concept, understanding, accuracy and presentation. These tricks will be of great use for the students in their class and for those who find it difficult to solve some of these sums. The judges for the competition were Mr. Byju Joseph and Mrs. Bharti Rao. 
Results of IH Math Tricks Competition:
I Suryaveer Singh/ X/ DH
I Avinash Sain / IX/ RH
II Manmanvendra Singh/ X/ DH
III Archana Koratkar / VII / GH
After the competition School observed Activity Day. Students attended sports, music, computer, library and art& craft classes. Inception of Scouts and Guide took place. Twenty eight students volunteered to form the Scout troupe and twelve girls for Guide troupe.
Results of IH English Handwriting Competition: 8th April’16
Class III- V
I Disha Ojha / IV B / DH
II Mansi Chouhan / V B / RH
III Jeenal Meena / IV B/ TH
Results of Inter Class English Essay Writing Competition: 5th April’16
Class III- V
I Meenakshi Choudhary/ VA/ DH
II Mangilal Dewasi/ V B/ RH
III Punit Dave / IV A/ RH
Class VI- VIII
I Archana Koratkar/ VII/ GH
II Anumesh Rao / VIII / GH
III Jatin Tripash / VI / GH
Class IX- XII
I Muskan Rathod/ X/ TH
II Divya Chundawat/ X/ DH
III Suryaveer Singh / X/ DH

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