The School Weekly - 30th July 2018

Avinash Sain
STUDENT: Avinash Sain/XI was selected as the Student this Week for securing 84% in X Board Exams. He shares that establish your priorities for success in life. Prioritizing can be the best way to stay on top of everything, without burning out. An easy way to prioritize is by writing a to-do list. 

EDUCATOR: Ms Swati Sood was selected as the Educator this Week for she builds a persuasive association with students, staff, parents and the community. She described 3H; Head, Heart and Hand as key to success.
(Head as being logical/Heart - have emotional connect/Hand - taking action)

[ED: Editor,KG: Kinjal Goswami]
ED: Which was your batch year?
KG: I left school in 2008.
ED: Who was your favourite teacher?
KG: My favourite teacher was Mukesh Sir and Jayita Ma'am.
ED: Who were your batch mates? 
KG: My batch mates were Manisha, Sanjoli, Daksha, Ashwini, Himani.
ED: Did you participate in any activities? 
KG: I have participated in Singing competition, Art and Craft, Sports Activities, Annual Function.
ED: What are your qualifications?
KG: I am doing MCom,B.Ed.
ED: What do you learn from this school?
KG: It was a great experience,I have learnt a lot from Fabindia School. Teachers patiently understood us a lot and supported me a lot.
ED: What message would you like to give to the students?
KG: Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare it for today.
Swati Sood, Educator This Week
Mrs Kusum Sharma and Mrs Bharti Rao attended the Regional Summit of School Principals on 'Dealing with Failures- Developing Resilience in School Children' being organised jointly by ICTRC and MGD Girls' School in Jaipur on 25th July. They shared their learning and experience with the Staff on Learning Forward Saturday.

Grandparent of Bhumika Rathore/ VI was selected as grandparent this week. He is a retired principal of High Senior Secondary School. He said that we should be disciplined to achieve something in life, if we do any work with discipline we can do it fast and in a proper way.
(ED: Editor, GP: Grandparent)

ED: What do you do?
GP: I am a retired principal of Hari Senior Secondary School.

ED: How many of your wards are studying here?
GP: My one granddaughter is studying here Bhumika Rathore/ VI.

ED: Have you achieved your goal?
GP: No, I have not achieved my goal because I don't have a fixed goal.

ED: What do you expect from your child?
GP: I want from my child to give concentrate on her aim

ED: What do you expect from school? 
GP: I expect from the school to teach English language to make students more better.

ED: What message would you like to give to the students?
GP: I would like to give message to the students that they should be disciplined and they should concentrate on their aim.

ED: Would you like to visit our school again?
GP:  Yes, sure it will be a great opportunity for me.

A little girl who lives
Along the hill.
She is of five years
But eyes were full with tears.
Because she has only father
She is missing her mother.
Her dream is to see the world
But her father have not enough
Money to see across the world.
As she grown up
Her dreams also growing up.
Now little girl is big girl
Her father want his child
To became a doctor.
But she want to became an engineer.
Now she is engineer
And built a big house for her father.
She lives with her father
Happy happy but missing her mother.
Moral is  that every person is  free to dream it does not matters whether she or he is poor or rich ,small or big . Dream is dream, any person can see it .So see dreams for your future and for yourself not for others .-Mansi Choudhary/ X/DH
Monsoon Is Back
The dusty air has gone and

The bright day has come.

The hot wind stopped blowing

The sign of light rain showering.
The farmers started cultivating
With a big smile captivating.
The monsoon brings rain and 
The flowers blossom again.
The children's are happy
Dancing in the rain crazily.
The trees,animals and human beings
Are cheered up seeing the rain.
The monsoon is back spreading
Love and greenery everywhere.
Kirti Malviya/ XII/ DH

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