The School Weekly - 27th August 2018

STUDENT: Nitesh Choudhary/ XI was selected as the Student this Week for securing 81% in Xth Board Exams. He thanked the Principal and teachers to give him this opportunity. He gave the message to the students to concentrate and put in effort to achieve success. 

EDUCATOR: Ms. Prerna Rathod was selected as the Educator this Week. She shared a thought on aspiration. She asked the students not to lose hope and always have trust on oneself  to achieve success in their life. 


[ED:Editor,MS: Mohita Singh]

ED: Which was your batch year?
MS: My batch year was 2012-13.
ED: Who was your favourite teacher?
MS My favourite teacher was Mrs. Bharti Rao.
ED:: Who were your batch mates?
MS: My batch mates were Divya, Swabhi, Shefali,  Rozee, Sonika, Shaily, Gajendra.
ED: Did you participate in any activities?
MS: Yes I have participated in many activities such as Quiz competition, Debate, Extempore,  Singing, Dancing, Rangoli, Best out of waste, Sprint, 200 m Race, Dodge the ball, etc. 
ED: What are your qualifications?
MS: I am doing  my MBBS..
ED: Tell us about your memories of the school?
MSI bet not one student of Fabindia can say they haven’t had something to carry from this school throughout their life. I have been a nomad when it comes to schools, changing school every second year. I have been in fabindia for just 2 years and still it has left its mark for a life time. It was a wonderful experience and I have learnt so much in Fabindia. This school has never been just about academic achievements but a development of a child as a whole.
ED: What message would you like to say to our students?
MSLet the school take over you and be a part of everything and I am sure it will lead you to where you want to be. Embrace everything the success and the failure as nothing is just black or white.

STAFF:  Educators had  LFIN Saturday. Their first session was My Good School. There they discussed their My Good School Saturday, about educational trips etc. . Next session was PLP in which the Educators had a session with their Action Teams. After they had Brewing Knowledge Session along with Fedena. The last Session was School Development Leadership Program in which they  had HOD Meeting.

स्थापना दिवस 
आज  ही  के  दिन  इस जमीन पर, 

अनोखे संसार की रचना रची गयी थी।  
आज ही के दिन इस जमीन से, 
फावड़े की आवाज सुनी  गयी थी। 
आज ही के दिन इन खूबसूरत इमारतों, 
की नीव भरी गयी थी। 
आज ही के  दिन इन सुन्दर से, 
पेड़ों  को लगाने के प्रक्रिया चली थी। 
आज ही के दिन चिंतकों  द्वारा, 
बेटी शिक्षा के महत्व पर आवाज़ लगायी गयी थी। 
और आज के दिन मैं उन खोजकर्ताओं को, 
धन्यवाद करता हूँ क्योंकि उनके द्वारा , 
हम ग्रामीण  बच्चों के लिए, 
इस छोटे से उमंग भरे संसार की, 
स्थापना  की गयी थी, 
जिस संसार को, 
खोजकर्ताओं का साथ मिला, 
इनकी बदौलत से, 
बंजर पड़ीं ज़मीन पर, 
खड़ी इन इमारतों को हीरे जितना सम्मान मिला, 
इस छोटे से संसार को, 
फैब इंडिया का नाम मिला। 
चंद्रेश चौधरी/ कक्षा- XII

 Unforgettable memory of 2018
There were many memorable instances that came this year that is when I got three medals in athletics on sports day, when my school secured first position in parade on 26th January 2018 and 15th August 2018. But the most memorable day of this year was 7th July 2018, on that we had prize giving ceremony for excellence in studies. And I had secured first position in 11th standard . This was the first time when I got an award in study. I always came in top 5 but was never able to achieve first position. I tried my best that this year I should top, but failed. In 10th I secured third position, I felt bad that when I had put my efforts then why I didn't top. This demotivated me. I had lost all hopes of securing first position. After some months my teacher told in class that when we fail then only we achieve success. My teacher had faced many failures to clear one exam but she didn't loose hope and this year she had cleared her exam. And after that I made my mind that I will put my all efforts and study more. In March 2018 I gave exams, and the day of result I had crossed  fingers. Then I learnt that I had secured first position in class. I was completely stunned and very happy.So, never loose hope until you don't achieve your target.- Chanchal Choudhary/XII
Monday,20th August: Founder’s Day was celebrated with lots of gaiety and laughter. On the 26th Founder’s Day the school looked colourful as all were dressed in home clothes. A small program was organized. The program started with students, both from the Junior and Senior Section’s performance.The performance was given class wise. They performed dances, cracked jokes, recited poems, enacted a play, narrated stories and sang songs. School thanks all its well-wishers for their great support in contributing and spreading the light of education and knowledge.

Thursday, 23rd August: Suryaveer Singh/ XII, Divya Chundawat/XII, Kirti Malviya/ XII, Muskan Rathod/ XII and Vinita Sirvi/ IX escorted by Ms. Swabhi Parmar/ Educator visited Mayo Girl's School, Ajmer to attend the Silver Jubilee Commemorative Young Thinkers Conclave 2018. They participated in Debate Competition and Script Writing.   

Friday, 24th August: On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi Making Activity was organised for the students of Primary Section. They made beautiful rakhis, displayed it on the board and enjoyed the activity.

Published by The Editorial Board:Mrs. Bharti Rao, Mr. Krishan Gopal, Mrs. Urmila Rathod, Ms. Swabhi Parmar, Harsha Suthar, Diksha Choudhary, Kreena Rao, Krisha Dave, Uma Choudhary, Mansi Choudhary & Anumesh Rao

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