The School Weekly- 24th February 2020

STUDENT: Jhanak Devda / VIII A was the Student this Week for his excellent participation in Dhruvtara Astronomy. He shared his views on 'Importance of Hard Work & Setting Goals'. He started his speech with a quote 'To make one’s life successful we need to have a goal. A life without a goal is like a ship without a compass.'We are lucky to have a good school with all necessary infrastructures. No matter how you had been in the last term, but what matters most today is how well you will utilize your capabilities and the facilities provided in the school in this term.
He inspired the students with a short story of Mr. Abraham Lincoln. You must have heard of Abraham Lincoln. He was the son of a poor woodcutter. Every day he was found reading under a street light. One day a police man on patrolling asked him, “Why are you here so late at night?” Boy Lincoln replied instantly, “If I don’t read now how can I become the President of America”? The surprised policeman asked him, “You, you want to become the President of America?” We know that later he became the best president that America had ever seen.
How many of us do have such specified goals in our life? People who had high goals in life proved themselves to be great assets for their nation. Are we not destined to be great? Don’t we have the capabilities?
Dear friends, specific goals in life enable us to move forward with determination. And this determination persuades us to strive hard. Are you all ready to be great? May the Almighty bless us in finding our goals and realizing them.

EDUCATOR: Mrs. Nikita Rajpurohit was the Educator this Week. She shared her views on
'Determination; the only way to achieve goals.' She shared that we should keep our willpower strong and not let the outside negativity affect us. She narrated a story of two boys who lived in a village. One of them was 6 years old and the other was 10 years old, both were best friends. They both lived together, played together, ate together. One day, they were playing hide and seek. Running one after another, both entered the forest which was near to the village. They were so much engaged in their games that they didn't realize that they were in the forest. While playing, the elder one (10 years old) fell into the well. He shouted for help. Now, the 6 year old child immediately ran towards the well to help his friend. He looked here and there but didn't find anyone whom he could call for help. There he saw a bucket tied with a rope. Without wasting a second, he threw the bucket into the well and asked his friend to hold it tightly. 10 year old boy grabbed the bucket tightly and 6 year old boy pulled the bucket with all his strength. He didn't stop until he pulled his friend out of the well and rescued him. They hugged each other and went back to the village. You all may think that this is the end of the story but the real story started now.
As it was getting dark, their parents and people in the village were worried.  They started looking for both of them. After sometimes, both the boys arrived in the village. As soon as they arrived, their parents and the villagers gathered near them and started asking where did they go. They told the whole incident whatever had happened with them, but nobody believed them. It was hard to believe because a 6 year old boy who didn't have enough strength to lift a bucket full of water, how could he be dragged by a 10 year old boy out of the well. There was an old wise man among the crowd, who came there and told that though it is hard to believe but it's true that this little boy had saved his friend's life. He was able to save his friend only because at that time there was no one near him to tell him "YOU CANNOT DO IT" and he knew that he had to save his friend anyhow. Just because there was no one to stop him, he was able to save his friend from drowning into the well.
First of all the story teaches us that - There will be people who will stop you from doing good things, but never get discouraged by those people. Secondly - Never ever feel that you don't have the capability of doing things, because you never know what wonders you can create.


Monday, 17th February: Everybody has been bust preparing for exams.

Thursday, 20th February: Class X has started with their Board Exams and Class XII with start from 25th February.  

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