The School Weekly -3rd February 2020

STUDENT: Soumyajeet Solanki/ V was the Student this Week, for being a young enthusiastic explorer. He shared his explorations on Slooh, the Astronomy platform. He also shared his views on Self Control. He shared that it is a responsibility on our part to exercise self-control. It can be used in many areas. He said that first of all we should exercise it in the area of speech. Too much talk can make us lose respect with the teachers and the elderly. Second, self-control in the area of food, as bad eating and drinking habits can prove harmful. Third in social media, so we should not spend  too much time on it. Fourth in money matters so do not spend too much on non-essential things. Finally, self-control in our thoughts. We should not leave our mind empty but fill it with good thoughts. He quoted "“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

EDUCATOR: Ms, Richa Solanki was the Educator this Week. She shared her views on Self
Motivation. She advised students to be happy in small successes. For success, we shouldn’t focus on failures and mistakes but stay self-motivated.

Achievers are always self-motivated, to be self-motivated, we must have a purpose in life. This helps you to know what to avoid for achieving goals. We should focus on our goal and avoid too much thinking, as this will lead to inaction. We should value time and it's the best utilization. We should learn from the best source. It can be a book, social media or from an experienced person. Finally, be decisive and show leadership. She quoted "Life is not a perfect drawing. The closer look will always reveal a wrong stroke of the brush. But it not all lost. The largest canvas will always show that you did something well. So, live life to the fullest."

27th January, Monday: Students had a session on Skype with students from Chembur Welfare Marathi Shala, Mumbai. This was a cross-cultural collaboration in which students interacted and asked questions about each other's culture and heritage. They shared stories of their states, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. The discussion and interaction were on different cultural aspects. Students had a lot of fun while sharing and acquiring cultural awareness. 

UT IV was conducted for Class I-X. Students were busy with their studies and educators were busy with correcting answer scripts the whole week round.

28th January, Tuesday: The House Trophy of Excellence in Sports & Skill was presented to the winning Houses for the year 2019-20
Excellence in Sports - Gandhi House 
Excellence in Skill- Raman House 
30th January, Thursday: A Special Assembly was held on the occasion of Martyrs Day. Ms Punita Chouhan & Ms Kusum Sharma shared their views on the importance of this day. Ms Deepika Rajpurohit sang a patriotic song which was dedicated to the martyrs. A two-minute silence was observed by everyone in remembrance of our great martyrs.

27th January, Monday-31st January, Friday: Atal Tinker Fest was organised by the School. Students of The Fabindia School, Bali and Kanakraj Sawantraj Lodha Public School, Falna participated in the Fest. It was a festival of creativity and innovation for school children of Classes VIII to XII. It was a four-day event where students participated in competitions, exhibitions and workshops.

Students presented their ideas and the usefulness of projects. Learning Outcomes were; they developed creativity, learnt new skills, gained confidence, developed communication and presentation skills and the focus was to stay inspired. The event was curated by Mr Jitendra Suthar

Report of the Fest
Day 1: Students were asked to identify a problem  in their surrounding. After identification of the problem, time was given to find the solution to that problem which can either eradicate that problem or help in minimizing the issue. Participants then listed all the requirements for the project.

Day 2: Equipment was provided by the Lab. Thereafter they all started to materialize their ideas into a Physical Project. With great collaboration between them, they designed the projects. 

Day 3:Third day was to finalize the projects with programs to be uploaded in the Electronic Component called Arduino. They first learnt to write the program and burn it to the chip. Later on, the circuit was placed on the project for the automatic working of the model. Also at the end, they all were instructed to prepare for the presentation of the project on the fourth day.

Day 4: Students presented their ideas, usefulness, and the learning outcomes with Judges. Two teams stood at the first position. Certificates were presented to students and mentors by Judges and Principal. 

1st February, Saturday: PTM was organised for the Pre Primary Section. Around 80% of the Parents attended the meeting. Monthly assessment worksheets and activities were showcased to the parents. Students were guided in the presence of their parents to develop regular study habits, to monitor the activities and homework of their wards at home. 
 Parents appreciated the Educators hard work that they had put in for their child's progress.

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