The School Weekly - 9th May 2013

9th May'13 : Talent Competition was organised for the students from class prep to X . Forty students participated in this competition to show their talents in dancing, singing, playing musical instruments
like guitar, congo etc. The best talented students were awarded certificates by Mr. Sandeep Dutt.

10th May'13: The students were given holiday homework, the school will now remain closed from 11th May to 1sf of July.The students look forward to  enjoy their holidays and  keep  in touch with studies by doing their homework.

The School campus will be undergoing some improvements and upgrade of the infrastructure and the whole community looks forward to the school opening in July 2013.

Obesity in children
Nowadays in cities, children are suffering from obesity because of eating junk food. It  is mostly due to dietary habit of taking too much of spicy items,other snacks and cold drinks. Children often eat those  food items which are not correct for their metabolic type. The fast food that the children eat is harmful for them and many parents also do not stop them from eating it. Large quantities of fructose cause the liver to pump fats into the blood stream which may damage arteries. Rewarding children with junk food, candies, cookies, ice-creams, etc. is very dangerous and we are the ones who are responsible for their obesity and bad health.
Richa Solanki  VIII B
News and views contributed by Students and Staff of the school, compiled by Bharti Rao

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