The School Weekly - 7th May 2013


Last week the students of class 9 &10 did a project 'Organic Food'  with  the guidance of Mr. Bhaarat Parihar, Mr. Byju Joseph, Mr. Suresh Negi and the Principal Ms. Parineeta Ranpal. The students were divided in six groups. Each group had one topic to present.

1) Benefit of Organic food 
2) Effects of Pesticides
3) Organic farming and marine culture 
4) The food that we eat 
5) Water Purification 
6) How to minimize use of inorganic food.

The students collected a lot of information from the internet and reference books, made charts and displayed them beautifully on the display boards.

On Friday the 3rd of May 2013, the students enjoyed doing worksheets, creative writings, projects, and more activities, assigned to them by their teachers in their classes.

Point of view

Should video games be banned or not
According to certain people, violent video games should be banned: they feel that violent video games are the source of today’s violence amongst children. I strongly disagree with them. Video games like movies, music and any other form of art, are there to entertain people and to enjoy, not restrict. What most people fail to realize is that the video game industry, like film industry, is heavily regulated with a strict code of parental guidelines already in place. Even the game consoles to play these violent games have parental controls. What I fail to understand is that some parents believe its okay to give their children  18+ rated games even though they are well under that age, and say that these games are the source of violence between children. If parents would not let a ten year old watch 18+ rated horror movies, then why would parents let a ten year old play God of war, or Grand Theft Auto with its gang.
Kritika Mansion, Class 8th
Should boys learn cooking
When we think about the cooking the only idea comes to our mind is girls because every time we see in our house or other place always girls do cooking. But it’s not true why cooking is only considered for girls it should be for the boys also. Boys should also learn cooking so that in the absence of their mother and sister they can cook their own and eat. They can make new delicious dishes for their family. They can also participate in the cooking competition. Many boys nowadays are taking interest in cooking and making their career in cooking. Now we can see in many hotels the famous chefs are also boys. Many restaurants are also run by boys only. If these boys can achieve a big success in cooking then why not all the boys in the world. They must also give some time to learn cooking. At last in my opinion boys should learn cooking.
Raksha Solanki, Class 8th

News and features contributed by Staff and Students and put together by Bharti Rao  

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