CBSE Class X Results

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Himanshi Chouhan (girl) -  Grade A1
Combined GPS 9.8  & Aggregate Percentage  93.10
Best performer

All 38 successful and the lowest Aggregate Percent 64.10
Over all Average CGPA for full batch of 35 is 7.5, and implied above average performance
Girls lead the way again!

Full 10 

English - Bhanendra Kunwar & Himanshi Chouhan (both girls)
Hindi - Khusboo Punmiya, Naushad Ali and Prachi Agarwal (two girls)
Maths - Himanshi Chouhan (girl)
Science - Himanshi Chouhan & Prachi Agarwal (both girls)
Social Science - Bhanendra Kunwar  Himanshi Chouhan, Khushboo Punmiya, Prachi Agarwal and Tamanna Singh (All five girls)

Information provided by the Principal Ms. Parineeta Ranpal, email

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