CBSE Class XII Results 2013

100% result with all 23 students passing the Exam, click the link below for details please.

CBSE Class 12 Results to the full list

  • Swabhi Parmar scored 95% in English
  • Payal Paliwal scored 87% in Hindi
  • Shefali Jain scored 83% in Economics
  • Shefali Jain, Shaily Jain & Swabhi Parmar all scored 95% in Business Studies
  • Shaily Jain scored 91% in Accountancy
  • Prasann Vaishnav had the best aggregate of 86%
The girls seem to be out performing the boys!

For further information  please email 
Ms Parineeta Ranpal, The Principal of The Fabindia School, Bali Rajasthan INDIA

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