The School Weekly - 23rd July 2013

15 July : English Calligraphy Competition was organized for the students of class one to ten. The whole class participated in it. Passages for class one to three were written on the board while the rest of the classes had to see and write from their book.

Netball Training Clinic 
An organization from U.K. has come down to train our students and introduce a new sport for both boys and girls in our School. It is a five day program from 15 July to 19 July. Three volunteer coaches along with one supporting coach from the school coached 170 students. The coaches said that the kids were good, they enjoyed a lot with them but they had difficulty in engaging them because of the students low attention span Their thanks to the Fabindians for the support they got and especially to Principal Ma’am and Mr. C.P. Singh. The students enjoyed a lot learning the new sport. At first they had fear but then they overcame their fear and learned a lot of new things like to work in a team together, collaboration, equality, and special awareness tactical awareness and to mix up socially. The students have promised their coaches that they will form a good team and practice regularly.

19 July : The new computer lab was inaugurated by Mr. William Bissell. The lab has 43 computers and English Language Lab has also been started for the students.

20 July : PTM for the students of class four to six .Only 25%of the parents attended the first meeting of the new session.
Point of View
What is Secularism?
Secularism means showing due respect to all religions. In a secular state, there is no official religion and it does not discriminate anyone irrespective of any religion, caste or creed. There is no binding on anybody in observing any religious practice unless it goes against the peace, security and integrity of the nation. Everybody is equal before the law and enjoys equal rights. - Bhavika Mansion [Class-9]
Secularism is one which is an important practice in a Democratic country generally people believe in different religions so it should be free to all to follow. In the country which has one major religion usually that countries government is influenced and its impact reflects on the people who practice other religions. It will always work against democracy. Without secularism democracy will never be a success. - Mr. Byju Joseph (Vice-Principal)

Interview with the Head boy & Head girl

      1. Three things you like about school
Head boy- Good Management, friendly & good faculty, nature loving
Head girl- Equality of religion, caste, creed, best management & conservation of nature
      2. Three things you wish to change in school
Head boy- Present sports equipment is insufficient, requirement of generator set & invertors due to regular power cut & need more buses.
Head girl- There should be well established canteen, tie facility for boys & those who win in competitions should be awarded on the Annual Day.
      3. Who is a good leader according to you?
Head boy- A good leader must set up examples for others and inspire the students. He must possess high level of integrity and honesty &must be friendly and provide a supportive environment.
Head girl- A leader is one who can manage all things perfectly, solve everyone’s problems and is able to lead. Should be a good human being, behave politely capable to overcome all responsibilities, be active and be best among all. 

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