The School Weekly - 16th May 2016

Mera Bali
The most fascinating part to visit in Bali is the Bali Fort. The creation of Bali Fort came in the mind of Maharao Ajitsingot. Maharao Ajitsingot was the fourth son of the Maharao Lakhansi (Nadol), he came at the mithdi river in AD 1231 and then he saw a rock and want to create a fort and created a temple of bolmata as a kuldevi of his royal family, after then his Son Vijaysingot also helped in creation, after his death his Son Maharav Balaji completed a fort and on his name this place is called "Bali". He was also fond of Balicha Sakha of Chouhan Vansh. In 1608 AD King Balasingh constructed the Fort of Bali to protect the city and a wall was built around the city edges to protect it from attack. Main attraction of town is the fort. The fort currently houses the prison and most of the other buildings are in ruins. One can have a scenic view of surroundings from the top of the fort. The fort has an ancient temple of Sitala mata. On the occasion of Sitala Mata festival that is celebrated in March, there peasants dance in the fort of Bali. The junction (Chowk) outside the Bali Fort is now named as Freedom Fighter Chotmal Surana Chowk after Late Freedom Fighter Chotmal Surana for his contribution towards India’s Independence Movement. The Inauguration of Chowk was done by then Governor of Gujarat Dr. Kamla Beniwal on 1st March 2011. Dr. Beniwal unveiled the statue of Late Chotmal Surana. A huge public program was said to be conducted which was joined by the entire village and is described as one of the biggest ceremonies held in the village. The event was hosted by Bali Municipal Corporation along with the Family Members of Late Freedom Fighter Chotmal Surana.
Vacations, Vacations, Vacations,
This word so free from tension,
Sleep and enjoy the whole day long,
No waking up early, no shouting from mom,
Playing with friends and cousins is my daily routine.
Eating ice creams, playing video games,
Chatting with friends is what I do.
No school bags, no homework, no tests,
Just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
The word ‘Vacation’
Fills happiness in the heart of all.
Nikhil Soni/ XI / TH
Science and technology
In everyday life, it is in our use
Not a single man can live without science and its use.
Our day starts with science
Our day ends with science.
In early morning alarm clock help us to wake up
And on turning off the night lamp, the night comes.
Just imagine the life without science
And name that person, now can survive.
Three daughters of science
Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
All are that much interesting which make us every time
Double surprise.
Bhumika Nagar/ XI Sc./ RH
Mother you are so sweet and wonderful
You are the one who brought me in this world
You love and care for me,
You taught me to play,
You taught me to study
You worked hard for me,
When I cry, you too cry,
When I smile, you too smile,
You are my strength,
You are my guide and support,
Thank you God for the wonderful gift,
That you have given me, asweet Mother.
Anumesh Rao/ VIII/ GH
Tuesday, 10th May: That day was the last day before School closed for Summer Vacation. Birthday Celebrations was organized for students of Junior Section whose birthday fell in the month of April and May. Birthday students cut the cake. The ate cake, danced and partied. They enjoyed the day and happily returned home.
Tuesday, 10th May: The first Parent Teacher Meeting of the Academic Term 2016-17 was organized. 30% of Parents attended the meeting. Students were given Summer Vacation Homework before the school closed for Summer Vacation. Classes VI to XII have been given Summer English Reading Project.
Wednesday, 11th May: Class XII is attending Summer Study Camp from 11th May to 31st May in order to complete their courses in time. This will help them to start their revision early and practice for Higher Order Thinking skill based questions for boards.
Staff is having its PDP Session from 11th May to 30th May. The staff is had its HOD Meeting. They made Lesson Plans and discussed on what their plans are for the Academic Term 2016-17.
During PDP Session staff discussed in their groups what they meant by the term ‘Sensitivity’ and why it is necessary in schools and difference between ‘Empathy’ and ‘Sensitivity’ and how they will imply it in their classrooms.

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