The School Weekly - 23rd May 2016

Mera Bali
Traditional Dress of Bali
Bali Culture is a blend-of predominantly Hindus with sizable minorities of Muslims and Jains. However, regardless of their religious segments, Muslim, Hindu, and Jain Rajasthanis mingle with each other socially. The majority of people that live in Bali is the Jain Community and Seervi Community. Seervi are mainly in agriculture business in Jodhpur and Pali District of Rajasthan. Major population of Seervi’s is followers of Aai Mata which has main temple at Bilara. These days Seervi have migrated from Rajasthan to Southern part of India and have become good business community. Jain Community has left Bali and migrated in all parts of India for their business, but they have their ancestral property in Bali and visit the place during time of vacations or festivals.

Muslims found in Bali are predominantly Sunnis. With the introduction of Islam, many community members converted themselves to Islam, but still maintained many of their earlier traditions. They share lot of socio-ritual elements. Rajasthani Muslim communities, after their conversion, continued to follow pre-conversion practices (Rajasthani rituals and customs) which are not the case in other parts of the country. This exhibits the strong cultural identity of Rajasthani people as opposed to religious identity.
Traditional Food of Bali
Many other communities have migrated to Bali from nearby places to educate their students in good English Schools. All the people of Bali come together as one community during the times of festivals and fairs.Wheat and Maize are the staple food besides Cereals & bajra. The main dish is called Daal-Bhatta. Folk-dances have an important role as a part of worship, ceremonies and a pastime but the main force behind the folk-dances is the celebratory mood. Ghoomar, Gher( Male Dance with sticks) are main dances of the town. Women usually wear ghagra choli with odhni while men wear dhoti and kurta, though most of the people influenced by urban culture have started wearing saree, shirt and trousers.

CCE WORKSHOP ON 18 & 19 April 2016
Topic: - Capacity Building Programme on the scholastic aspects of CCE
CBSE conducted a workshop on ‘Capacity Building Programme on the scholastic aspects of CCE’ on 18 & 19 April 2016 at DPS, JODHPUR. It was attended by Mr.Byju Joseph and Mr.Ajay Vijayvargi on both days, the resource persons were Mr George. A. Thomas, the Principal of St.Gregorios Sr. Sec. School, Udaipur and Mr Dibyendu Sen Sharma, Principal, DAV HZL Sr. Sec. School Dariba, at Rajsamand.
The workshop was on the Scholastic aspect and elaborately dealt with examination pattern, marking schemes, setting of question papers of Formative and Summative Assessments along with indicators for students, pattern of report cards etc.
A work shop was taken by Mr.Byju Joseph and Mr.Ajay Vijayvargi for the staff members to explain and share the experiences and help them to smoothen their result making, question paper setting as per the CCE format by CBSE.
Mr. Suresh Singh Negi and Mr. Sandeep Singh went to attend a training session at DBN Centre of Excellence on 13th and 14th May.
Report at Training Session at DBN Centre of Excellence
A workshop of mathematics was conducted by Suresh Singh Negi on 13th and 14th May 2016 (Timing 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm) in DBN Amarvilla Jammu. The goal of Math workshop was to provide a forum for Mathematics teachers to share experiences, see best practice and understand the latest developments in the teaching of mathematics and the topic of Math workshop was how we can make math more interesting.
The workshop was attended by following teachers:
Mr.Pradeep Wadhera, Mr Raju Sharma, Ms Jyoti Kumare, Ms Shobha Rani, Ms Girja Kumari Koul
The following points were discussed:
  • How we can connect mathematics in daily life with real life examples.
  • Find the ways in which we use mathematics every day.
  • Problems of mathematics
  • Consequences of mathematics
  • Misconceptions (a wrong idea or understanding of something) about mathematics.
  • The learners perspective about mathematics
  • How we engage students in the learning process to increase attention and focus.
  • My experience with teachers was good. They shared class room problems with me, the activities to guess your age using the power of math and I know your family was enjoyed by teachers.
-Suresh Singh Negi/ Faculty Math Dept.

 Teachers had PDP session that week on Sensitivity. It was a wonderful experience with team mates to discuss and share their experiences, and each one is a master of its own type full with knowledge and experiences of practical life.
The fruit of the PDP Session was as follows:
Group I
Cultural Sensitivity
Cultural Sensitivity is a set of skills that enables you to learn about and get to know people who are different from you, thereby coming to understand how to serve them better within their own communities.
I would like to share an experience on cultural sensitivity- When we shifted to Pali(Marwar) to join our new job in July 2003, here in Marwar region Kartik Poornima is celebrated with by lighting diyas etc, like Diwali, our landlady asked us why we have not lighted the diyas outside the house or with electric light series, I bluntly told her we do not celebrate this festival, she said nothing to us but quietly lighted some diyas on the main gate and parapet of our flat and wished us the festival,offered sweets.
I felt bad about it and thought are we not even able to light diyas in our flat,what that lady was trying to prove to us, I asked my wife to speak to the land lady on this issue.
Her reply taught me a lesson on sensitivity, she said –“ Bhaisabh, koi baat nahi aap log is festival ko nahi manate per ek aap ka ghar hi andhere me rahta to accha nahi lagta aur padosi batein banete aur upshagun bhi mante, isliye maine diye laga diye,aap isko galat na le”.
After that incident we celebrate this festival as it is celebrated in this region and we remember it each year. -AVI
Sensitivity is the ability to understand what other people need and be helpful and kind to them. It means quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals or influences. It is often considered with regard to a particular kind of stimulus.
One example I want to share with you. When beggars come to the door, my wife gives something to them but I always refuse to do it. I ask myself, Are they really beggars or not? Do they need our help? This kind of difference of opinions between me and my wife is not just because we are two different people; it is precisely because my wife is more sensitive to human suffering than me. This does not imply that I am an inhuman or insensitive but probably it takes a little more for me to feel the human pain. -BJH
Sensitivity at workplace
I was overwhelmed when my teammates pointed out my little gesture of help to them in computers have sensitivity.
Working on computers was nothing surprising for me but those who are not comfortable with computer, to help them was my incident of sensitivity.-KGL
Gender sensitivity
The word sensitivity is the quality to be sensitive towards others. This quality is very necessary in schools. It helps a child to feel safe to learn in an school environment. It helps a person to be aware of what is happening in the surrounding and to react with one another and to come to face to face situation. Sensitivity helps to interact with each other and to come closer to one another. A teacher in a classroom should create such an environment that a boy/ girl may feel free to discuss or relate the way they are feeling about themselves, about one another and their teacher. It helps the children to work together democratically, socially and emotionally. A student will never interact with his class fellows or in school till he/ she is not sensitive towards others. Sensitivity helps a child to be helpful and collaborate responsibly with others. 
I recall an incident that took some years back. I had a girl student in Class VIII. One day while having an activity that girl spoke up suddenly and told that she wanted to suicide. I became sensitive towards her and tried to find out the reason behind it. She told me that she feels bad for her mother who has to listen everyday from her father for giving birth to a girl child. Both parents were in education line but they couldnot understand the feelings of their child. I counseled her and told her to face this situation with intelligence and support of her parents. I called her mother and told everything to her. She supported her daughter and today she is doing her MBA in Udaipur.
Empathy is understanding person’s difficulty in that situation while sensitivity is to render a gesture of help through suggestion, physical help and interacting with them. A teacher needs to be sensitive for it comes through many such situations where it has to help its student out of his/her problem. -BRO
Emotional Sensitivity in work place
Emotional Sensitivity is when a child responds emotionally to various situations at the time of difficulty. I have observed that in school and classrooms we face many such situations when students become emotional. In senior classes and co-ed schools bullying children is a common thing that we see every day. A girl was bullied continuously by a boy for many weeks. The girl was mentally tortured so she stopped coming to school. The teacher came to know about this in her absence. She visited that girl’s house and emotionally found out everything what the cause of her absence was. She even interacted with her parents. With both the help of the teacher and parents the girl was able to come out of her situation and was able to attend school regularly and happily. -KSA
Group II
Sensitivity means awareness and understanding of the feelings of others. We can feel the feelings of others by touch, by hug, by care, by petting the back etc. Best example on sesitivity is Kisi Ne Maa Ke Kandhe Par Sar Rakh Ke Pucha Maa Kab Tak Apne Kandhe Par Sone Degi?? Maa Ne Kaha Jab Tak Log Mujhe Apne Kandhe Par Na Utha Ley...!! -SNI
According to my opinion sensitivity means feeling other’s pain, emotion, care, understanding etc. If I take my example I am also a sensitive person daily I used to bring Swati with me from Falna, sometimes she comes late but I wait for her because I know if I will not bring her she will be too late to reach to school so I understand her helpless situation that is sensitivity whatever I feel for her. -PMA
Sensitivity means understanding what others people need and being helpful and kind to them. A teacher must be sensitive towards students. A teacher must create faith in students so that they can say their problems to him or her. A sensitive teacher can understand the problem easily and he /she will try to solve the problem with this sensitive feeling the relationship between teachers and student can be strong.  -RRE    
Sensitivity means a feeling, understanding or awareness within a person. It can be for oneself or for others. When one can quickly respond to changes or emotional happenings. A person can be sensitive who easily gets hurt or excited or happy with others.
Sensitivity with class- When teachers get sensitive with their class, they look into each matter more deeply. Students take their teachers as more supportive, guiding and feel free or easy to share their problems and when a teacher becomes sensitive, him or her try's best to solve the problem of their students. For e.g. when my class is in trouble or punished by other teachers, I feel really bad. And I try to find measures to cheer them up and vice versa. They ask for reasons why I am upset. This shows the sensitive bond between me and my class. -VRT
Sensitivity- is related to feelings. It is a quality to understand how someone feels and to be careful not to offend them . A sensitive person can understand feelings and situations and then react according to it. Sensitivity comes in you along with your thinking. The way thoughts are created in your mind , sensitivity flows in you .It is important for a teacher to be sensitive, to understand student better. -GMA

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