The School Weekly - 2nd May 2016

School is experiencing hot, bright and sunny weather. Even the mornings and evenings are very hot. Temperature during the evenings and mornings is at 36°C. Every week temperature is shooting up by 2°C. Scorching sun has taken the life out of everybody. Days are longer, hotter, while nights are shorter but not so cool as Rajasthan would experience. Highest temperature recorded was 43°C and lowest at 27°C. Humidity was at 23% and the wind blew at 11 km/hr.
मेरी माँ
मेरी माँ बहुत अच्छी है। मेरी माँ मेरे लिए बहुत अच्छा खाना बनाती है। मेरी माँ लाखो में एक है। जब में गलती करता हुँ !तब मेरी माँ मेरी गलती सुधारती है। मेरी माँ बहुत सुंदर है। मै मेरी माँ से बहुत प्यार करता हुँ। मेरी माँ का मन पसंद पक्षी मोर है। मेरी माँ बहुत परिश्रमी है। मेरी माँ का मन -पसंद फूल कमल है। मेरी माँ का मन -पसंद रंग लाल है।
-Devansh Rajpurohit / IV A/ GH
मेरा प्रिय पक्षी
मेरा प्रिय पक्षी मोर है। वह हमारा राष्ट्रीय पक्षी है। उसका प्रिय भोजन अनाज है। वह कीड़े -मकौड़े भी खाता है। मोर बारिश में नाचता है। मोर के पंख रंग -बिरंगे होते है। अगर कोई मोर को पकड़े तो उसे जेल की सजा हो सकती है। मोर कभी घोंसले नहीं बनाते। मोर के पंखा बहुत सुन्दर होते है।
-Punit Dave / III B/ RH
A school is a temple
Of knowledge and love
Students are learners
And teachers are givers
In the heart of Bali
There is a school
Standing apart from others
The Fabindia School
Everyone is equal
Everyone has freedom
To play and learn
No discrimination is done
Learning and playing
Are the two fundamental rights
Also disciplining the students
Is the aim of the school
Teachers are well qualified
Students are smart above all
Principal is amazing
The Fabindians today
Will be a citizen of tomorrow
To bring success to the country
And make the school very proud.
Muskan Rathod/ X/ TH
Importance of Science in Everyday Life
Science is creating wonders almost every day. It is extremely important in our daily life. It is the science that makes our life easier. It has given us many machines that have made our life simple. Buses, cars, sewing machines, mixer grinder etc. are the machines given by science to us for our daily uses. Science has given us medicines. Millions of people have died due to lack of medical care. But now many diseases can be cured by medicines. Science has given us machines like tractor and many other tools for easy cultivation. Many entertainment devices like television, mobile phones, computer, etc are given by science. We need science in all aspects. Without science, life is impossible.-Anumesh Rao / VIII / GH
Global Warming
Global warming is the increase in earth's temperature due to greenhouse gases mostly carbon dioxide and per fluorocarbons that are released by fossil burning and deforestation. This excess carbon dioxide retains heat and causes increase in earth's temperature.
Per fluorocarbons gases also cause damage to ozone layer of earth which is protective for us by absorbing ultra violet rays of sun but damage causes these ultraviolet rays to reach direct to earth which also causes increase in temperature of earth.
These effects causes increase in earth's temperature year by year which is harmful for humans, plants and animals so global warming is not good for us.-
Diksha Choudhary /VIII/ GH
Thursday, 28th April: On occasion of International Worker’s Memorial Day a special assembly was held. Mrs. Bharti Rao gave an Assembly talk on that occasion. Students had not heard about that day so she made the students aware by telling why this day is celebrated. She told them that it was the day of remembrance and action for workers killed, disabled, injured or made unwell by their work. Students were given the slogan for the day-‘Remember the dead; Fight for the living.’
Saturday, 30th April: School observed an Activity Day. In the first hour students had their IH Group Singing Competition. They sang folk songs beautifully. Then they had lesson in Life Skills. After that the classes attended Art & Craft, Music and Sports Classes. Students of Class Nursery- II went on a visit to the farmhouse. They visited the Sewari Farmhouse. Students played many games, had snacks and roamed around on the farmhouse seeing the beauty and greenery around. They enjoyed a lot. They had fun for three hours and returned home with a lot of memories to talk about at home.
Results of IH Singing Competition:
I Raman House
I Dhyanchand House
II Gandhi House

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