Junior School Campus - Now Open

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The campus for Juniors with a capacity of 150 children below six years of age is now buzzing with activity! Classes Nursery, Prep and Intro are housed in this beautiful property of near six acres. Built with stone and traditional materials, with large play areas, a farm and a soon to be added Art and Music Schools and more.

This new campus shares a common wall with the main Fabindia School (from Class I to XII), we hope to offer best in class environment for the pre-primary years, and will build capacity to 300 students by year 2015. Today both the campuses add up to near 850 students. Finally the junior campus will have 300 and senior 600 only. This is being done to de-congest the classrooms and offer quality education to all.

The pre-primary schools at Champabagh and Mundara have both been closed, and the students have been accommodated in the junior and main school campuses. This will help us consolidate and offer good quality education for early years, make teacher training easy and help in administering better too. There will now be no more satellite schools, and we will run only one 'The Fabindia School' on the two neighbouring properties. A big thank you to the BAT Board, the School Staff and all who made this possible in a record time to just 45 days.

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