Communication Skill Development Workshop

Conducted by Mrs.Brinda Ghosh & Mr. Subashish Ghosh from 25th July to 29th July.

25th July:-It was an introductory session. The session started with a
prayer and then we introduced ourselves in the form of an activity. Another activity was performed to teach the importance of interaction. Next we were told that the two main components of English Language teaching was Association & Observation.
26th July:-After a silent prayer and a little bit of exercise the session started with a PowerPoint presentation on Sensory Rich Teaching and that literacy, numeracy, scientific temperament is important for sensory development. A lecture on observation was given next. We were taught the importance of Motor Coordination in Language teaching. Mr.Subashish laid emphasis on teaching through art to arise creativity and imagination  power in children.
27th July:- Mrs.Brinda started with a PowerPoint presentation which showed the importance of listening and speaking in English language. A number of activities were carried out to attract our attention and examples of many games were given which could be carried out in preprimary and primary classes to make teaching interesting.
28th July:-In language teaching LSRW is very important Mrs.Brinda gave a lecture on the functions of oral language. She told the teachers that their teaching should be receptive and expressive. The importance of phonetic language for correct pronunciation, reading was shown through a PowerPoint presentation.
29th July:- This was the concluding session. The ways to rise mindfulness in children through scanning and brainstorming is very important was said by Mrs.Brinda. Feedback was taken from the teachers. The teachers thanked Mrs.Brinda and Mr.Subashish for the workshop, this would prove very fruitful as they had now got many new innovative ways to make their teaching more receptive and interesting and activity based.

20 teachers were awarded with certificates for attending the workshop regularly. We are now looking forward to the follow up and more sessions to take us to the next level of learning.

Report filed by Bharati Rao

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