The School Weekly - 15th July 2013

8 July : Display board competition was organised for classes one to eleven. The theme for the competition was Monsoon Magic. All the students put in their effort and drew beautiful drawings and put it up on display.

13 July : The Headboy and Headgirl Elections were held in the school. There were 10 contestants for Head Boy and 11 for Head Girl from class 10 &11. Students of Class 6 to 11 gave their precious vote and elected their representative. Bhagirath Singh is elected as Head Boy and Khusbhoo Punmiya as Head Girl.

Friday activity Language classes - compositions done to improve the students writing skills; Maths activity was  mental sums; and E.V.S. projects were done

Report  of workshop by Mr. Atul Bhatt
The teachers were motivated to build up a GLOCAL CLASSROOM. They should  develop thinking skills and make their class more interactive. Many examples of real life were given to show how we can make our classes more GLOCAL.
Point of View
What qualities would you like to see in your leader ?
  • I would like my leader to be confident,able to represent us and should be kind. - Prateek Udawat
  • I would like my leader to be kind,approachable and ready to solve our problems - Aditi Singh
What do you mean by Education ?
Education does not mean learning facts, but to learn to think and we should let the kids think instead of making them learn bookish knowledge. Remember only those civilisations survive who can construct something new  instead of repeating the old things. -  Mr. Bhaarat Parihar.

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